Oliver Thambo Airport Heist Suspect Arrested After ‘Suspicious’ Lamborghini Buy

Loyiso Sidimba

            The Lamborghini found at the house of one of the OR Tambo heist suspects.
             Image by: Supplied

Security guards at the OR Tambo International Airport are among five more suspects arrested for the daring R200- million heist, including one found with a multi million- rand Lamborghini.


The Sowetan reported that the Hawks, working with the provincial tracking team and crime intelligence in Limpopo, arrested four suspects in Soshanguve, Tembisa, Norkem Park and at an exclusive estate in Centurion, Tshwane.

A source, who asked to remain anonymous, said the 39-year-old Centurion resident was in possession of a Lamborghini and an undisclosed amount of money.

Three of the men are security guards at Africa’s busiest airport , and one guarded the vault in which the stolen millions were kept.

Another man, a foreign national, has been arrested for allegedly cloning the police vehicle used in the heist.

The five are aged between 30 and 40, according to a source with intimate knowledge of the investigation.

Hawks spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said he could not confirm or deny the arrests.

One of the suspects, whose name is known to The Times, was arrested at his luxury Blue Valley home just hours after posting pictures of himself and friends on social media posing with a brand new R5-million Lamborghini.

On Tuesday, acting national police boss Lieutenant- General Khomotso Phahlane announced that four suspects, including a cop, were arrested.

Two of them have already appeared before the Kempton Park Magistrate’’s Court and face armed robbery charges.

The heist, which occurred two weeks, ago, has already seen five lieutenant-colonels being transferred from the airport, according to the Sunday Times.

Police are yet to confirm whether part of the money has been recovered and are reportedly investigating the exact amount stolen, the currency and the intended destination.

Phahlane said investigations were continuing.

– Additional reporting by Graeme Hosken

(Times Live)

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President Ernest Koroma Approves First Homosexual Marriage In Sierra Leone

The first ever gay marriage in Sierra Leone was held in Freetown under the leadership of President Ernest Koroma and the ruling APC party. The gay marriage involving some young Sierra Leonean males came to public knowledge after pictures of the wedded couples were released by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs to promote new gay culture in Sierra Leone.
It has been discovered that the ruling APC party and the leadership of President Ernest Koroma did receive millions of U.S dollars from the United States of America and some countries in Europe to support gay rights in Sierra Leone. Most recently, the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs received ten million dollars ($10million) from gay right groups in San Francisco, USA.
The first ever gay marriage has provoked a public outcry across Sierra Leone and citizens are now calling for the Sierra Leone Police and the House of Representatives (Parliament) to investigate the matter.
Homosexuality is not only illegal in Sierra Leone but it also goes against the religious and traditional beliefs pf people of Sierra Leone. Gay marriage under the leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma will be one of the failed legacies of the APC administration and governance.


Source: (Unity, Freedom and Justice Movement for a better Salone)

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S. African Police Offficer Caught Organising ORT Airport Heist, Where Millions Of Dollars Was Stolen

After days of continuous forensic investigation, the masterminds of the OR Thambo Airport sleaze have been uncovered amidst consternation and shocking disbelieve. There are strong signals that more officers could have been involved in the theft.

Acting national police commissioner Lieutenant-General Khomotso Phahlane said last night two of the suspects had appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court yesterday on charges of armed robbery.

Phahlane declined to comment on the identity of the police officer who had been arrested, or his three alleged accomplices.

“The policeman is still being questioned and has not yet appeared in court. At this stage, we cannot rule out whether more officers will be arrested or not.

“What I can say is that none of the money has been recovered.”

Phahlane said the arrests were the results of the “hard work of our crime intelligence agents”.

“This was not done through a tip-off and credit for the hard work by the Hawks and other police members must be given.”

The heist took place on Tuesday night when a group of men pretending to be police officers stopped GuardForce security personnel as they were transporting the money to a waiting London-bound flight.

GuardForce secures high-risk cargo such as cash, precious metals and diamonds at a cargo storage facility at the airport.

Sources said the attack occurred as GuardForce employees approached the aircraft.

Phahlane also told the media briefing that four people had been arrested in connection with the massacre on the East Rand last week of 14 illegal miners from Lesotho, who were killed in separate shootings at illegal mine shafts near Benoni.

Phahlane said the suspects were also from Lesotho.

“Several firearms, which may have been used in the killings, have been recovered,” he said.                 (HINNEWS SOUTH AFRICA)

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Jacob Zuma Refuses To Accept Memo From Anti-xenophobia Protest Group

South Africans and immigrants march together to Union Buildings

Photo of anti-xenophobia protest
About 300 people marched to the Union Buildings on Thursday. Photo: Ihsaan Haffejee
By Ihsaan Haffejee

Leaders of the Coalition of Civics Against Xenophobia have accused the South African government of bias and hypocrisy after the office of the Presidency refused to accept their memorandum upon their arrival at the Union Buildings.

On Thursday, a group of about 300 demonstrators consisting of citizens of other African countries, immigrants and people born in South Africa made their way from Burgers Park to the Union Buildings where protest leaders wanted to hand over a memorandum of demands.

A large police contingent watched over the protesters from behind the fence that separates the park from the Union Building entrance. Police informed protest leaders that no one from the Office of the Presidency was willing to accept the memorandum.

“This is a national crisis where in the past people have lost their lives, where people’s livelihoods have been destroyed. And for the South African government to refuse to accept our memorandum indicates to us that they are not a caring government. It shows us as foreigners exactly what the South African government thinks of us and it shows their lack of commitment to tackle this sensitive issue,” said Essie-Prince Mpinda a leader representing the Congolese community.

Earlier in the day, Themba Ncalo, the chairperson of the Coalition of Civics Against Xenophobia, said that the coalition is made up of South Africans as well as people from a number of countries. “Our main aim today will be to march to the Union Buildings and deliver our memorandum. We are going to show that South Africa is not a country which promotes xenophobia,” said Ncalo.

The organisers of the march also accused authorities of a lack of co-operation with the march organisers, after the protest was denied permission by metro police.

“It’s strange that a few weeks ago permission was granted to a group promoting violence and xenophobia, and now that we wish to stage a peaceful demonstration we are denied,” said Ncalo.

Despite not getting the relevant permission the march went ahead and was escorted by a contingent of SAPS members on foot and in police vehicles.

Ahmed Abdi, from Somali, who was in Pretoria West when violence broke out in a Somali neighbourhood during the anti-immigrant protest a few weeks ago, joined today’s protest with the aim of countering the anti-immigrant sentiment in his neighbourhood. He said that some Somalis have returned to their spaza shops in the townships after vacating them following the violence, but they are living in a constant state of fear and uncertainty.

Ali Tarar, the vice-president of the Pakistan South Africa Association, wanted to remind people who were looting shops and attacking owners that they were destroying families. “We are saying that when a shop is looted it is not just the owner who is affected. That man is supporting an entire family and in some cases two families. With this looting they have lost everything, including the ability to provide for their families,” he said.

Wrapped in the bright blue flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mpinda appealed to the South African government to stop denying that xenophobia is a pressing issue which needs to be adequately handled. “You cannot paint an entire community with the same brush. If people are involved in crime, we urge the authorities to arrest these people,” said Prince Mpinda. “A lot of the Congolese in South Africa have fled the country because they are in opposition to the Kabila government and as such are fleeing violence and death. For them to seek safety here and still experience this xenophobia is truly regrettable. We are now a no-land people. We cannot return home and we are not wanted here.”

Metro police spokesperson Isaac Mahamba said a march to the Union Buildings needed security cluster approval and a letter from the presidency to say who will accept the memorandum. He said the protesters did not have this letter so permission was not granted.

The Presidency has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Source: GrounUp

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Xenophobia: South Africans Believe Nigerian Men Are Taking Their Women, Says Dabiri-Erewa


Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Affairs, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa

The Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa on Saturday said South African politicians fuel xenophobic attacks by telling citizens that foreigners, including Nigerians, are dating their women and taking their jobs.

Speaking on a television programme, she admitted that there were foreigners who commit crime in South Africa, and they can be dealt with, but not by discriminating against Nigerians or any other race or country, an online news medium, The Cable reports.

Dabiri-Erewa who spoke on The Osasu Show, noted that xenophobic attacks in South Africa were driven by hate speech and misinformation.

She said, “There are people who commit crime in South Africa, such people are in any country. If South Africa is fighting crime; let it fight crime, not fight brothers and sisters, who are legitimately working in South Africa,

“Don’t forget that these attacks happened in the past. This is the seventh attack. The last one was in 2015… the king of Zulu made some remarks that were inciting, that led to the last attack.

“This particular one, let’s look at the circumstances. Fine, there are economic issues everywhere in the world. Politicians are campaigning and telling their people, ‘you know what, drive these criminals away, they are taking your jobs, and they are taking your women too’.”The SSA advised South Africa companies operating in Nigeria to do more to educate South Africans on the need to stop xenophobia.

She said, “Imagine MTN sending text messages to everyone in South Africa, saying Xenophobia is bad, don’t do this and that.

“They should embark on some corporate social responsibility. Those multinationals should get up and do something. DStv should be doing various jingles on why xenophobia is bad, they should take over the awareness campaign.”   (

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Xenophobia: Reps Seek Compensation For Nigerians Affected In South Africa

John Ameh and Ife Ogunfuwa

The House of Representatives is seeking the enactment of stringent hate crime laws by South Africa to stop the ongoing xenophobic attacks on foreigners, particularly Nigerians living in South Africa.

This would be one of the key demands of its six-member team, which would visit South Africa to engage the South African parliament on the attacks.

It would also demand compensation for the victims of the attacks, who reportedly lost property valued at over N84m.

The delegation, which is led by the Majority Leader of the House, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, is scheduled to travel to South Africa on March 13.

Speaking in Abuja on Tuesday, Gbajabiamila said this was the first time the Nigerian legislature would strongly get involved in the attacks on Nigerians in South Africa – to send the message that the parliament truly felt the pains of its people.

He added that this was important also for the two parliaments to understand that xenophobia or racism would be a costly venture for Nigeria and South Africa, should the former decide to retaliate.

“We are looking at genuine engagement by these two parliaments of the leading countries in South Africa.

“We will talk with our colleagues over there and really pass the message to them,” Gbajabiamila stated.

The Majority Leader gave details of what to expect, “We are hopeful that our engagement with the South African parliament and authorities will provide lasting solutions.

“We will attempt to meet with the South African parliament to discuss the possibility of both our countries enacting hate crime laws. This would cover crimes committed based on nationality.

“We intend to engage the South African parliament and other authorities on areas of mutual benefits and how much both countries could lose from xenophobia and possible retaliatory actions or severing of diplomatic ties.

“This delegation will seek to strengthen the Nigerian /South African Bilateral Commission, which only exists on paper for now.

“We hope to meet with Nigerians who reside in South Africa and assure them of government’s intervention.

“We will advance and hopefully get a commitment on the need for the payment of compensation for the victims of this last attack.”

On the reported deaths of Nigerians in the renewed attacks, Gbajabiamila clarified that no Nigerians had died.

However, he admitted that there were injuries and attacks on business premises owned by Nigerians, resulting in the loss of valuables.

“We have not received a report on anybody who has been killed in these recent attacks.

“Attacks on businesses, yes, and that is why, as a legislature, we have said this form of behaviour cannot continue. We must not wait until lives are lost before we begin this intervention.

“People have talked about retaliation or even recalling our ambassador to South Africa.

“These are easier options, but in diplomatic engagements, retaliation is not the first option,” Gbajabiamila said.

Over 100 Nigerians have been reportedly killed in South Africa in the last two years.

Most of the deaths resulted from violence against Nigerians by fellow black South Africans in neighbourhoods and city centres.

There were instances where the police clobbered defenceless Nigerians to death on suspicion of being involved in criminality.

In the past few days, xenophobic attacks have also focused on business premises and properties owned by Nigerians living in South Africa.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian-South Africa Chamber of Commerce has condemned the attack on Nigerians in the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.       (

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EFF Not Ruling Out Resigning From Parliament To Force Early General Election-Malema

While only considering it as a last resort, Malema’s red berets aren’t ruling out resigning from parly to break the quorum and force an early general election.

                      Image Credits:Gallo


Now that would be quite the upset, wouldn’t it? Despite the DA saying they’ve not been chatting to the EFF about it, Malema has said that his party would quit parliament if the DA stood with them.

Why, you might ask? Well see, if parliament doesn’t have a certain amount of MPs it can’t get quorum which means the Constitutional Court can order Baleka Mbete to dissolve parliamemtn and call another general election.

“If we combine the EFF numbers and the DA numbers and we resign from Parliament, then this thing is no longer a properly constituted Parliament,” Juju said.

Malema has, however, made it clear that this is a very last resort, but not out of the question if Maimane’s blues were keen… but it doesn’t look like the DA’s even aware of the plan yet.

“No. It’s not true,” DA federal chair James Selfe said.

“A revolution is not like a birthday party, you have to work for it, you have to ensure that everybody else is convinced and that there is no longer an option but to resign from Parliament,” Malema said.

Source: News24

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