Egypt Announces Discovery Of 3,500-Years-Old Tomb In Luxor |RN

(Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA)    © Provided by The Press Association (Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA)

Egypt has announced the discovery in the southern city of Luxor of a pharaonic tomb belonging to a royal goldsmith who lived more than 3,500 years ago during the reign of the 18th dynasty.

The tomb is located on the west bank of the river Nile in a cemetery where noblemen and top government officials are buried.

Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany said the tomb is not in good condition, but it contains a statue of the goldsmith and his wife as well as a funerary mask.

He said a shaft in the tomb contained mummies belonging to ancient Egyptian people who lived during the 21st and 22nd dynasties.

(Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA) © Provided by The Press Association (Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA)

The tomb was discovered by Egyptian archaeologists and the fanfare surrounding Saturday’s announcement is designed to boost Egypt’s slowly recovering tourism industry.   (Press Association)

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Six Gunmen Die After Botched South African Cash Heist In Durban|RN



Police cordon off an area outside the Value Centre in Springfield after a shootout with would-be cash-in-transit robbers.

Police cordon off an area outside the Value Centre in Springfield after a shootout with would-be cash-in-transit robbers. 
Image: Jeff Wicks

Six suspected robbers died in Durban on Monday after two separate gun battles with police in a chase that spanned several city suburbs.

The shootings and dramatic car chase were the results of a botched cash-in-transit heist.

A gang of armed men attempted to rob a cash-in-transit vehicle outside the Value Centre in Springfield.

A well-placed police source said that members of the Crime Intelligence Unit and the Hawks had acted on a tip-off about the heist.

Along with heavily armed tactical police from the National Intervention Unit‚ they engaged the gang of men at Springfield Park’s Value Centre.

Gunmen and police exchanged fire‚ leaving one man dead and another critically wounded – who later died in hospital. The fleeing robbers then led police to the scene of the second shootout in Parlock.

Rescue Care spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said paramedics had declared four men‚ understood to be robbers‚ dead at the scene.

He said four other civilians were injured in the crossfire. They appeared to have been sitting on the roadside having lunch when the fleeing gunmen crashed their car nearby – with police hot on their heels.

A number of Parlock residents gathered at the second scene‚ a cordoned off factory‚ as police investigated.  (Sunday Times)

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Another Nigerian Killed in South Africa

The Nigerian Union in South Africa yesterday said that another Nigerian, Mr Uchenna Eloh, was killed in the Western Cape Province of that country.

Kanayo Onwumelu, Chairman, Western Cape chapter of the union, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the telephone from Cape Town that Eloh was strangled to death by South African policemen. NAN reported that Eloh hailed from Eziagu in Eziagu Local Government Area of Enugu State.

“ We want to call the attention of Nigerian Government to the senseless killing of innocent Nigerians by the police in South Africa. At about 11.00 a.m. South African time on Wednesday, a Nigerian, Uchenna Emmanuel Eloh, popularly known as “Monkey’’, was killed by a South African police officer.

He was walking out of his house toward the bus station when a police van stopped to search him, suspecting that he might be in possession of illegal substance. “Three policemen accosted Eloh, one of them, by the name Williams, held him on the neck suspecting that he swallowed a substance, while another police officer held him by the legs,’’ he said. The union official alleged that the policemen dragged Eloh on the ground until he started foaming and suffocated to death on the spot.

“This is not the first time such senseless killing of innocent Nigerians was carried out by South African police officers. We have reported similar killings to the South African Government and Nigeria High Commission in South Africa and nothing was done to bring the culprits to book.

“We want the Nigerian Government to intervene to stop this brutality against innocent Nigerians and stop killing Nigerians out of hatred, racism or xenophobia,’’ he said.

Ikechukwu Anyene, President of Nigerian Union in South Africa, who also confirmed the incident, called for an end to the incessant killing of Nigerians in South Africa. “Our government needs to do something urgently to make it clear that Nigerian lives matter. We have made suggestions on what can be done, but it is now clear to us that the endless talks cannot yield any positive result,’’ Anyene said.

He said that the union had engaged a lawyer to take up the case against South African Police Service. “But, this kind of legal service should form part of consular services to provide legal services to victimised Nigerians,’’ Anyene said.

The union said that the police have opened an inquest into the case. NAN recalled that the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, had in February said that a total 116 Nigerians have been killed in South Africa through extrajudicial means in the last two years.

The presidential aide had said during a meeting with the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Lulu Louis Mnguni in Abuja that nearly seven in 10 of the killings were carried out by the South African police.  (The Sun)

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South African Bodybuilder Dies As He Celebrated With Trademark Backflip That Went Wrong |RN

Tariq Tahir
                © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc
A bodybuilder has died after landing on his head when a backflip he performed entering a competition arena went horrifically wrong.Sifiso Lungelo Thabete is seen in a video being introduced to the crowd before a contest and gees them up by waving his hands above his head.

He walked out slowly towards the centre of the gymnasium before breaking into a trot at the event in South Africa.

             ©  Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc  

Thabete then begins a backflip but fails to rotate enough in the air and instead of landing on his feet, he lands on his neck.

Thabete, from Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, lay motionless in agony on his side before rolling onto his back.

                  © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc  

Several people coming to his aid after the initial shock of what happened left the audience stunned.

The first man to attend to him lifted his legs up before several others joined in to help but Thabete died of his injuries.

                        © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc  

South African bodybuilding magazine Muscle Evolution said the bodybuilding community was “shocked and saddened” by the news of Thabete’s death.

The magazine reported he was an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Junior World Champion in the up-to 75kg category.

                  © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc  

He recently won under-23 in 75kg division of the IFBB Muscle Mulisha Grand Prix competition held in Johannesburg in July.

Thabete also finished runner-up in the division for senior men up to and including 80kg and at the event he successfully performed a backflip during his routine.

                         © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc  

Posts on his Facebook page show he was dedicated to being the best in his sport and he often shared motivational messages on Facebook alongside images and videos of himself.

He recently shared a magazine article written about him on his Facebook page saying “wow god is good”.    (Mirror)

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Gilbert Deya,’Miracle Babies’ Pastor Extradicted To Kenya To Face Charges |RN


Pastor Gilbert Deya

The UK has extradited a self-styled Kenyan pastor, who claimed he created miraculous pregnancies, to Kenya to face child-trafficking charges. Gilbert Deya’s extradition came after he failed in his decade-long legal battle to remain in the UK.

He denied charges of stealing five children between 1999 and 2004 when he appeared in court in Nairobi.Concerns were first raised about the conduct of Mr Deya, who ran a church in London, in a BBC investigation in 2004. Infertile or post-menopausal women who attended the Gilbert Deya Ministries church in Peckham, south-east London, were told they could have “miracle” babies. But the babies were always “delivered” in backstreet clinics in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

Mr Deya later moved to Scotland, and was arrested in Edinburgh in 2006 under an international arrest warrant issued by Kenya. His Gilbert Deya Ministries is being investigated by the UK Charity Commission for alleged mismanagement. “Our statutory inquiry into Gilbert Deya Ministries is ongoing. We are currently considering the implication of Gilbert Deya’s extradition on our investigation,” the commission said in a statement.

A former stonemason who moved to London from Kenya in the mid-90sSet up the Gilbert Deya Ministries as a registered charity, with African and Asian branchesKnown for his blend of charismatic, performance-style preachingHad income of £652,800 ($858,000) for the financial year ending December 2015.

Spent £609,300 Described by UK Labour MP David Lammy as a “modern-day snake-oil salesman” Says he was consecrated as an Archbishop by a US evangelist in 1992.

When the BBC asked Mr Deya during its 2014 investigation how he explained the births of children with DNA different to that of their alleged parents, the 65-year-old Mr Deya said: “The miracle babies which are happening in our ministry are beyond human imagination.”

It is not something I can say I can explain because they are of God and things of God cannot be explained by a human being.”Kenya’s police spokesman Charles Owino told the BBC that Mr Deya had arrived in Nairobi aboard a Kenya Airways flight following his extradition. Mr Deya had opposed his extradition, saying he feared being tortured and sentenced to death.

In 2007, his wife, Mary, was sentenced to two years in prison in Kenya after being convicted of stealing a baby. In 2011, she was sentenced to three years in jail after being convicted of stealing another child.

Desperate women, some past the menopause and others who were infertile, were convinced that being prayed for by Mr Deya and travelling to Kenya would result in a child. Once there, they were convinced by Mrs Deya and others that they were experiencing labour and taken to illegal clinics where they believed they had given birth. But they were actually given babies which had been taken from local women.


Senegalese Singer Arrested For Criticising President Sall |RN

Image result for Macky Sall

President Macky Sall

A popular Senegalese singer is in police detention over “offensive” remarks widely shared online attacking President Macky Sall and the organisation of recent elections, police and local media said Friday.

Amy Colle Dieng, a popular “Mbalax” artist, was arrested on Thursday, a police source confirmed to AFP without specifying why. But audio of her lashing out at the president has been creating a social media storm in recent days.

Dieng is also heard declaring her support for ex-president Abdoulaye Wade, who stood as an opposition candidate in last Sunday’s legislative elections, and she criticises administrative errors that marred the vote.

Prosecutors instructed police to arrest the artist after becoming aware of the recording, Le Soleil newspaper reported, describing her diatribe as “disrespectful” and “offensive”.

Dieng’s case comes after four people were charged in June with “offending public morals” for distributing a fake image of Sall naked via Whatsapp.

Results from Sunday’s election are due on Friday, with a landslide victory for Sall’s ruling coalition expected.


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European Man Feeds His Pet Python With African Prostitutes After Sex With Them |RN

By Ike A. Offor
Some news is so nauseating that one wonders if it actually took place. What you are about to read now may seem outlandish, inauthentic but believe it, it all happened.
I felt very reluctant to write this in the first place, which is why it took me time to put it down.
A European man who resides in Zambia has taken human wickedness to a new level depending how much sad stories you have heard or witnessed in your own lifetime.
Some may have heard about African prostitutes being grossly abused in Italy, by both African sex workers’ traffickers and their hardcore Italian brutal customers, who after sex strangle them or brutalise them in order not to pay for the services rendered to them.
The European, whose country of origin was not released to the public has an unquenchable urge for sex with African ladies that he moved down to Africa and lives among Africans in Zambia.
Allegedly, he sometimes calls his sex customers who will come to his service, but none of them makes it out of his house for strange reasons to the chagrin of his neighbours.
He also goes out to pick some ladies on the street or wherever he could find willing sex workers of his preference. One presumes he goes for cutest and the beautiful ones and perhaps very young ones for his insatiable sexual appetite.
He sometimes engages in a threesome and other forms of sexual pleasures and promises a huge reward to his clients, who incentives for such job is merely financial and would not hesitate to succumb to such mouth-watering rewards.
Once he is done with the call girls and feels that he has extracted enough sexual pleasure as he wishes, he locks them up in his pet python enclosure, where they are helplessly left to die whenever the pet is ready to feed on his unwilling prey. He obviously does this when he knows it is the feeding time for his giant Burmese python.
Presumably, these girls must have been drugged to prevent them from screaming for help, which would obviously alert the neighbours and implicate him.
Africans, though they live with tropical jungles around them and get on with wild animals of all sorts, are known to be extremely afraid of snakes, dogs and others animals found within the teeming jungles of Africa.

Giant Burmese python

From pictures shown about the size of his python, it is very obvious that his Burmese giant python has been feeding largely on these African sex workers for a very long time before he was caught via information from his neighbours.
Curiosity got the best of his neighbours in a classical fashion of animal kingdom fairy tale, where a tortoise saw that many footprints of animals entered a lion’s cave but none left. Which gave the tortoise the premonition that something is not right.
So, the same thing happened with the neighbours of this man. His neighbours out of sheer curiosity and careful observation saw that many girls went into their neighbour’s house over a long period of time, but they could hardly recall seeing anyone of them leave.
So, they alerted the Zambian police authority. The police after series of investigations secured a search warrant and entered the premises of his house and met some shocking revelations. They found a giant Burmese python in its private enclosure and further evidence that warranted the arrest of the man.
It is said that every day is the day of the thief but one day is the day of the owner, on which he will be captured and faces the thumping sound of justice.

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