Igbo Youths Write UN, Demand Protection For Ndigbo In Northern Nigeria



The Ohanaeze Youth Council, Worldwide, OYC, has petitioned the United Nations, UN, asking that Ndi Igbo in the North be granted special protection following the quit notice issued to them by a coalition of northern youths.

The council which is the youth wing of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation also, demanded that the United Nations begins preparation to conduct a referendum in Igbo land to finally determine the fate of their people.

This is following the letter written by the Arewa Youths to the Acting President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, in which they bashed Ndigbo over the continuous agitation for Biafra.

Recall the Arewa youths in the letter accused Ndi Igbo of instigating various crisis in the country, including the first military coup as well as the civil war.

But in the letter to the UN by the OYC, said it was a high time a referendum was conducted to pave way for the final end to the “unworkable marriage” called Nigeria.

The letter signed by the group’s national president, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, Mazi Okwu Nnabuike (National Secretary) Amb Arthur Obiora (Dep National President) Engr Obinna Adobe (National Publicity Secretary) was copied to the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the United States Embassy in Nigeria, the UK Embassy, the Commonwealth, the Amnesty International, among others.


It reads in parts: “It is with great concern that we alert the international community of the looming genocide against the Igbos in the Northern part of Nigeria, occasioned by a well-orchestrated, carefully thought-after plot by the Northern hierarchy, who are hiding under the Arewa Youths.

“Their latest ranting, which they packaged a letter to the Acting President has left no one in doubt as to their motive: A GRAND DESIGN TO ANNIHILATE THE IGBO RACE. This, they want to achieve so easily through the well packaged false history, which they have now dished out to gullible minds in order to create a passionate hatred for the Igbos in the minds of their people and thereby easily achieve the October 1 planned mayhem against our people.

“How else could one justify their attempt to stab history in the back by labelling the first military coup in Nigeria as an Igbo coup? How else could people twist history than their justifying the pogrom against the Igbos between 1966 and 1967, which eventually led to the civil war? In what measure can one justify the insult on our late leaders, in the persons of Late Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi and Late Col. Chukwuemeka Odumewgu Ojukwu?

“In Igbo land, we have respect not only for the elders but more so for the dead and it if is for that purpose that we chose not to go further into this matter. Truth cannot never be changed. However, we must let these youths and their paymasters know that contrary to their claims, our people have made much more sacrifices for the unity of this country, starting from the later Owelle of Onitsha, Nnamdi Azikiwe.

“To also justify their planned killing of every Igbo man remaining with the Biafra agitation amounts to the hypocrisy of the highest magnitude. May we remind them for over a decade now, the Boko Haram did not just declare war on the Nigerian State but has gone ahead to seize territories, killed thousands of thousand and rendered millions homeless, yet nobody has branded it an action signed by the entire North. Besides, like the Arewa Youths pointed out in their hypocritical letter, the Biafra agitators have their demand for self-determination found in so many characters, including that of the UN, for which Nigeria is a signatory to. Where does the Boko Haram derive its own right to be engaging in mass murder?

“Our point here, however, is not on the propriety or otherwise of the attempt by Boko Haram to take over every Nigerian Nigeria territory or the Biafra agitation, but the difficult attempt by the Arewa Youths to link every Igbo man with the activities of the IPOB. If it is so, suffice it to say that all of them are members of the Boko Haram sect.

“May we also state that contrary to their claims that Ndigbo were being accommodated in every part of the country, our people have continued to be slaughtered like chickens, especially in the North, without justifiable reason. The case of Mrs Bridget Agbahime, a pastor’s wife, who was murdered in cold blood will speak against these youths. The manner her case was muzzled by the Kano State Government will make her blood to cry forever against her shameless murderers.

“We, therefore, alert your attention to another impending massacre of the Igbos, especially with the thick rumour of arms being stockpiled in the North in readiness for action. It is even more painful considering undenied claims that some security personnel were aiding the smuggling of these sophisticated arms through the porous land borders in the North.

“Suffice it to say, Sir, that the life of our people is now at a great risker. It does appear that the pogrom of the 60s is here to repeat itself again. There are indications that they are only waiting for the whistle to be blown for them to unleash another round of terror on our people.

“Giving the above, we urge the United Nations to beam its satellite on the Northern Nigeria ahead of any eventuality that may befall our people. Considering the manner the security agencies have handled these endless threats, it is unlikely that they may protect our people when these marauders will strike.

“Secondly and very important too, having seen that Igbos have remained the victims of this marriage called Nigeria, despite our sacrifices, we demand that the on-going constitutional amendment will not be acceptable should it not make provision for a referendum. It is high time people are given freedom to decide whether they want to remain in a country where they are not loved, not wanted but hated with a passion.

“The National Assembly should make no mistake of undertaking any further constitutional amendment without an option for a referendum, this is the only way to go and we urge the United Nations to mount all necessary international pressures on Nigeria to effect that very much needed amendment.” Continue reading


Quit Threat: 14 States Of Middle Belt Vow Support, Protection For The Igbo |RN

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We are the representatives of over 400 ethnic nationalities spanning 14 states of the Federation. These states are Kwara, Kogi, Niger, Benue, Plateau, Nassarawa, Taraba, Adamawa, Southern part of Kaduna, Kebbi, Bauchi, Gombe, Yobe and Borno. This region is generally known as the Middle Belt.
After two days of deliberation in Kaduna, we came up with the following resolutions:
1. That we strongly condemn the quit notice given to the Igbo communities in some parts of the country by some misguided elements claiming to speak for us.
2. That we from the Middle Belt would not in any way do anything to harm, harangue or threaten the Igbos living in our states. In fact, we have vowed to mobilise the Middle Belters and defend the Igbos in our states from any form of abuse, threat, intimidations or attacks.
3. We are also bringing it to the fore that the Igbos are not only good neighbours but they are also peaceful and hardworking as opposed to some ethnic groups which specialise in the murder of our people as seen in Agatu, Southern Kaduna, Kogi, Taraba and Adamawa. It is such groups that should be issued with quit notice.
It should also be known that states like Kogi and Benue do have culture, religious and geographical affinity with the Igbos, therefore, the Igbos are not only neighbours but also kith and kins with the Middle Belters.
In view of that, we support the arrest order placed on those merchants of war who ordered the Igbos out of the so called 19 states of the Federation. However, we also note that Governor El-Rufai has refused to effect the arrest. We hereby request El-Rufai to effect the arrest immediately.
Since the inception of this administration, it has been observed that the Fulani herdsmen’s daredevilry against the Middle Belt has quadrupled. They have upped the ante in killings, raping, pillaging our lands and rendering millions homeless, orphans, widows and widowers with little or no efforts at all by the government in tackling them. Rather, the government would turn around to victimise and arrest victims of the herdsmen’s atrocities.
We are saying enough is enough!
The government should as a matter of urgency deploy battalions or armed brigades to the Middle Belt as it did in the case of the North East and should also consider setting up the Middle Belt Development Commission.
We from the Middle Belt do lend our support for full implementation of the Resolutions reached at the 2014 confab. We see it as the only panacea to the calls for disintegration, regional and religious crises. It is in this vein that we resolved to support any political candidate that would implement the resolution of the 2014 confab come 2019.
Mike Odeh Akatu Olonta.
National Coordinator/NPS
Dauda Ayuba Azzaman Member BOT.

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Baseless Lie About Property Ownership In Igboland By Other Ethnic Groups


By Azuka Onwuka

There is a baseless lie many Northerners and Southwesterners have repeated for long that they now believe it to be true, and they have continued to pass it on to their children. That blatant lie is that the reason they don’t have much property or businesses in Igboland like the Igbos have in other parts of the country is that Igbos don’t sell property to them or rent shops to them.

The Arewa Youths repeated that lie in their letter to the Acting President thus:

“And since the Igbo have virtually infiltrated every nook and cranny of Northern Nigeria where they have been received with open arms as fellow compatriots, we strongly believe that the region is no longer safe and secure in the light of the unfolding threats and the fact that for a long time, the Igbo have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that in their domain in the South East, Northerners and Westerners are as much as possible disenfranchised from owning any businesses whereas, in Kano alone, they own not less than 100,000 shops across all the business districts.”

I have thrown a challenge many times on this but nobody took up my challenge. I made myself available to help anybody buy property in Nnewi and give that person a signed promise that nothing will ever happen to that property and also make my children take over that pledge when I am gone. Mind you, a storey building sells for as much as N200 million in some parts of Nnewi. So don’t think it is some place where nobody wants to buy from.

The simple question to ask those who make this baseless claim is, if Igbos don’t sell property to them, don’t Edos, Efiks, Ijaws, Ur hobos, etc in the South-South sell to them too? How many lands and shops do Northerners and Westerners own in Calabar or Benin or Uyo or Warri, etc?

How much property and stationary businesses do Northerners own in the South-west outside Lagos (former capital)?

How much property and businesses do Yorubas own in the North outside Abuja?

So what is the reason for that?

I have urged some Hausas and Yorubas in Nnewi to buy property but some of them smiled knowingly and kept quiet, while some told me plainly that they can’t take such a risk with the way things are in Nigeria.

The problem is simply fear of the unknown. Most Nigerians – minus the Igbos – have this fear that there will still be trouble in future. So they go into any state outside their region with a bag to do their business and leave when they are done. Many don’t even go with their wife and children for fear of the unknown. They believe that it is only the former FCT (Lagos) or present FCT (Abuja) that is less risky to invest in.

Most people don’t understand what drives Igbos in their business and investment decisions. Igbos don’t buy property in other parts of Nigeria because of any special treatment is given to them by their hosts. They buy property in spite of all that goes with property and the risk involved. They lose their money to fraudsters and omonile regularly in the Southwest. They lose their property to government demolition of the property. Yet they invest in property because they see property as a profitable investment, and they hate to continue to be tenants forever. An Igbo man wants to be his own master (landlord) as quickly as possible.

Igbos have lost their property and businesses to burning, destruction and looting repeatedly in riots in the North. They have even been killed repeatedly. Yet they return to rebuild.

A few years after the abandoned property saga in Port Harcourt, Igbos returned to Port Harcourt and began buying property again like crazy. Even when they are warned of the possibility of a repeat of 1970, they still go ahead to invest in property.

Obasanjo has had some land in Enugu since the 1970s when he was head of state. He has not developed the land till today. Buhari said in his asset declaration that he has some land in Port Harcourt (probably given to him free of charge). He doesn’t even know where the land is, not to talk of developing it. Yet these are heads of state who fought for the unity of this nation and are always talking about one Nigeria and need to believe in Nigeria. Yet they don’t even have faith in investing outside their regions or FCT.

Igbos believe that crisis and loss will not make one not to make an investment decision. Their thinking is: “What if I don’t invest and nothing happens eventually to the businesses or property around? Will I bring back the hand of the clock? But even if I invest and it is lost, life goes on. Life is a risk.”

It sounds like a crazy way to think but that is how they are. No other Nigerian ethnic group thinks like this. That is why some people who don’t travel assume that the reason Igbos live in large numbers in other ethnic groups and even return to places where they are killed is that Igboland is not developed. Even if you have never travelled to Igboland, please Google the CBN report of the six states that control 90% cash transactions in Nigeria.

The simple reality is that Igbos are weird risk takers when it comes to business and investment. Other ethnic groups don’t have such trait. People are different.

The reason we do these intermittent interventions is to ensure that things are put in their right perspective, for those who care for the truth; for it was such falsehood that was spread in 1966 and used as a justification for the genocide against the Igbos that year.

Shops are available in Igboland if you have the money and have the thick skin to compete. The land is available for purchase in all parts of Igboland if you have the money. Igbos are business-oriented. They sell or rent their property to the highest bidder. And once the transaction is done, it is done. No stories.

Just keeping the record straight. Continue reading


Man Sacks Wife For Moaning During Rape By Armed Robbers |The Republican News


By Ameh Comrade Godwin

Drama occurred in Iyana Ejigbo area of Lagos State recently as a man sacked his wife for refusing to scream while being raped by robbers in presence of her husband.

The incident, which happened around Bello Street left many people in confusion.

It was gathered that the heavily armed gunmen had invaded their house around 3am and demanded for money.

DAILY POST gathered that the man, whose identity was given as Baba Eneh, a native of Owukpa in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State told the robbers that he only had N3’500 at home.

A resident of the area hinted our reporter that Baba Eneh, a road transporter begged the robbers to leave them after collecting the money, saying that they just got married and trying to settle down.

Angered by the man’s inability to provide money, the robbers descended on the wife and started raping her.

Drama occurred during the incident as instead of the woman to scream for help, she was moaning in excitement.

“Instead of her to cry for help, she was busy making some funny sounds, an indication that she was enjoying the sex, even in the presence of her husband,” the source said.

After the robbery incident, the man reportedly ordered her to leave the house on the ground that she disgraced him.

According to the source, it is against the gods of Owukpa for a married woman to sleep with another man.

The man, who was apparently afraid of dying, asked the wife to return to her village until the necessary sacrifices are done.

When DAILY POST contacted the chairman of Owukpa Youths Ambassador chairman in Lagos, Samuel Adikwu, he said the group was aware of the development but failed to give further details because it was a ‘family affair.  (DailyPost)

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BREAKING NEWS: Chairman Capital Oil, Ifeanyi Ubah Released Unconditionally by DSS

By Ike A. Offor

Chairman Capital Oil and Gas, Chief Ifeanyi Ubah

The Chairman of Capital Oil Gas Limited, Chief Ifeanyi Ubah has been released unconditionally by DSS after over one month of detention.
Chief Ubah was accused by DSS of economic sabotage, in an allegation that he sold petroleum belonging to NNPC which was stored in his companies tank farm.
According to DSS, such crime is capable of serious economic effect or damage to Nigeria’s economy.
So, they regarded the offence as serious and called it economic sabotage and claimed that such offence is punishable by death.

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350 Businessmen Owe Banks N2.5 trillion, Says AMCON |The Republican News

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The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) has said at least 350 individuals in the country currently owe banks N2.5 trillion.

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of AMCON, Mr. Ahmed Kuru, disclosed this at a Retreat for House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Currency in Enugu yesterday.

He told the committee members that the corporation’s recent assessment of obligors as at December 31, 2016, identified 350 accounts with current exposure of N2.5 trillion, representing about 80 percent of AMCON’s total obligor debt.

The amount, according to him, was enough to cover the 2017 budget deficit.

He said: “AMCON has also repositioned its debt recovery approach to strengthen legal and credit restructuring units to collaborate on the aforementioned 350 ‘loan defaulters,’ enhance the restructuring and turnaround team and engage in asset tracing to enhance recovery. Despite the difficulties, AMCON continues to persevere in the face of adversity.”

Providing additional insight into AMCON challenges, Kuru said the corporation’s failure to recover the debt, principally owed the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), cannot be quantified as it goes beyond economic cost.

He said AMCON debt repayments to CBN in the last two years were N456.4 billion and N517.7 billion, respectively, while the actual payments were N256.7 billion and N191.1 billion in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The AMCON chief added: “This translates to a funding shortfall of N199.7 billion and N326.4 billion in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Of this shortfall, repayments due from AMCON in 2015 and 2016 represented 42 per cent and 53 per cent, respectively, while the resolution cost fund represented 58 per cent and 47 per cent in 2015 and 2016, respectively. The funding plan envisaged contribution of 70 percent from the resolution cost fund and 30 percent from recovery.”  (The Sun)

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