Nigerian Army Lied, Man Arrested, Awurum Eze, Not ESN Commander —Nnamdi Kanu |The Republican News

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Thursday reacted to the arrest of Eastern Security Network, ESN, Deputy Commander.

Kanu said the man arrested by the Nigerian Army was too old to be recruited into the ESN.

The Nigerian Army had claimed it arrested the ESN Deputy Commander, Awurum Eze in Aba, Abia State.

Awurum’s arrest was disclosed by the Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima, on Wednesday night.

The IPOB leader, however, described reports of the alleged arrest by the Nigerian Army as false.

Kanu in a statement by IPOB’s spokesman, Emma Powerful, said Awurum was handed over to the Nigerian forces as an ESN Commander after a misunderstanding with a traditional ruler.

“The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ably led by our great leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, read with utter amusement, media reports of claims by the Nigeria Army that it arrested Ikonso’s Second in Command in Aba. This is a blatant lie and cheap propaganda to lay false claims to imaginary military prowess.

“The said man is not an operative of ESN. Such a man is too old to be recruited into ESN, let alone be Ikonso’s Second in Command.

“That you ambushed Ikonso with the help of some traitors did not mean you have crushed ESN. Stop claiming what you have not done in your bid to win public accolades. If you arrest or kill Ikonso’s second in Command we will not hesitate to admit it just the same way we did not deny the murder of Ikonso. We are not like Nigeria that lives in propaganda; we tell the truth always. So, stop harassing innocent Biafrans in the name of a manhunt for ESN personnel.

“Our background check revealed that the said man had issues with his traditional ruler who gave his contact to the security agents alleging that he belongs to ESN. He is not our own.

“We are assuring them that whatever they do they cannot win ESN in this fight for freedom. The secret killing and abduction can never make IPOB change our resolve towards restoring Biafra as an independent nation.

“Again, we wish to remind Biafrans and the world, of a grand plot by the Nigeria security agencies to reduce the Biafra population through the ongoing secret abductions and killing of innocent Biafrans after tagging them IPOB and ESN members.

“This wicked plot which started in Imo State is now gaining momentum across the entire Biafra land through the collaboration of some traitors in the mould of Supreme Court administrator of Imo State Hope Uzodinma and his likes. Biafrans of all age brackets are now at the mercy of the double-faced Nigeria security agents as all they need to arrest and kill them off is to brand them ESN operative or sponsor.”

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Police Officer, Civil Servant Linked To Akwa Ibom Job Seeker’s Killer Speak On Suspicious Call Records |RN

Iniobong Umoren

PREMIUM TIMES speaks to some individuals fingered in Newswire’s report, including Messrs Ezeugo and Effiong.

By Alfred Olufemi 

A Superintendent of Police, Samuel Ezeugo, and a civil servant, Kufre Effiong, have explained their links to Frank Akpan, the suspected killer of the slain job-seeker, Iniubong Umoren.

According to records obtained from his mobile network provider published Monday by Newswire, Mr Akpan, shortly before his arrest, had telephone conversations with Messrs Ezeugo and Effiong, a revelation that has raised suspicion of conspiracy.

Mr Ezeugo heads the police division that supervised the arrest of Mr Akpan while Mr Effiong, a civil servant at the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta, is a close relation of the suspect.

However, in separate interviews, both men explained to this newspaper that they were only in talks with the culprit to facilitate his arrest.


PREMIUM TIMES reported how 26-year-old Ms Umoren, a fresh graduate of the University of Uyo, was found dead 48 hours after she left home to honour a job interview scheduled by Mr Akpan at a location on the outskirts of Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

The murder suspect, who, according to the police, later confessed to being a serial rapist, confirmed raping and killing the missing lady. He also claimed he buried her in a shallow grave in his father’s compound, after raping her.

“On 30/04/2021, the Command received a report on the disappearance of the victim. Following available leads, men of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad of the Command, led by CSP Inengiye Igosi, consolidated on the initial great progress made by the DPO Uruan, SP Samuel Ezeugo and arrested the perpetrator who confessed to have lured his victim to his house in the guise of giving her a job but ended up sexually and physically assaulting her which led to her death.

“To cover his tracks, he dragged and buried her in a shallow grave in his father’s compound,” Odiko MacDon, the Akwa Ibom Police Command spokesperson, said.

The timeline of events showed that Ms Umoren set out for the interview on April 29.

Her Lagos-based friend, Umo Uduak, who initially raised the alarm on social media, informed the Urua police division on April 29 but the operatives did not swing to action until April 30, following a 24-hour guideline. The police usually wait for 24 hours to see if people declared missing would reappear before launching a search for them.

Mr Akpan’s father was arrested on April 30 and the culprit was arrested later that day. The suspect’s arrest was made on May 1.

The Ezeugo, Effiong connection
As Nigerians continue to demand justice for the late Ms Umoren, Newswire, on Tuesday, published the call logs of Mr Akpan between April 14 and April 30.


Using open-source intelligence tools like cell site locators and true caller app, the newspaper identified some persons the suspect spoke with before his arrest, including Messrs Ezeugo and Effiong.

According to the newspaper’s analysis of the available data, Mr Akpan put a call across to Mr Effiong at noon on April 30. The latter called back shortly after the first call ended.

A few minutes after, Mr Effiong sent Mr Ezeugo’s telephone number to the culprit, who called the police officer immediately after.

The conversation between the senior police officer and Mr Akpan went on for 93 seconds. What they discussed remained unclear since Newswire said it was unable to access a recording of their conversation.

While details of their discussions remained unknown, the Newswire article suggested connivance between Messrs Akpan, Ezeugo, Effiong, and the other people who spoke with him on the telephone. The report suggested some might have colluded to kill Ms Umoren while some others might be engaged in a cover-up scheme to free the suspect.

The article also conjectured that some people who telephoned Mr Akpan or stay in locations around where Mr Effiong was as he communicated with the suspect might be connected to a human parts trafficking syndicate.

As of the time of this reporting, PREMIUM TIMES could not access the conversation records of the suspect and those he spoke with and was, therefore, unable to determine the culpability or otherwise of the individuals. In any case, call logs alone do not offer sufficient evidence upon which individuals can be accused of crimes, law enforcement veterans say.

“At 4.32 PM on April 30, Frank then makes one of the most interesting phone calls in this entire story. Truecaller pulls up the details of the recipient of the phone call with the number

+2348032939326 – one “Kufre Effiong.” Unlike the other people Frank has been known to associate with, Kufre Effiong appears to be from a different world,” Newswire reported.

“On April 30, at 4.40 PM, Frank Akpan placed a call to someone with the number +2348034386086. At this point, I trust it will not shock you to know that when I ran this number through Truecaller, the name that came up was none other than (Mr Ezeugo) …In other words, while the Akwa Ibom Police Command is releasing statements claiming to be solving a crime by arresting a suspect, the suspect was actually making telephone calls to one of the police officers who would later “arrest” him, and speaking to him for a minute and a half,” it read further.

“So putting the entire picture together, we have what appears to be a well-connected criminal gang in Akwa Ibom with links to the police and the Federal Ministry of the Niger Delta, which specialises in sourcing human organs either for the purpose of selling to the international black market or to service local politicians who believe in ritual human sacrifice,” the paper stated, tracing their address to Plot 58, G Unit, Ewet Housing Estate, the Uyo branch office of a medical NGO called the Center for Clinical Care and Research (CCCR Nigeria).

“The first is that the Uyo Branch office of an organisation which specifically offers “supply chain management of health commodities” may have been commandeered by an illegal organ trafficking ring to feed the booming global black market organ trade,” the report speculated.

Meanwhile, there was an unknown number (+2348122386922), which was more frequent in the logs but could not be traced to anyone. This unknown person contacted Mr Akpan no fewer than 12 times between April 4 and April 27, with an estimated talk time of over 192 seconds.

“Finding the individual who owns the telephone number +2348122386922 is central to unravelling the mystery of why Iniobong Umoren had to die, how many more like her have died in the past, and most importantly, who are the big fish behind the entire operation. Exactly what is going on at 58, G Unit, Ewet Housing Estate is another key question that must be answered.”

Effiong, SP Ezeugo speak
PREMIUM TIMES made efforts to speak to all the numbers extracted from the Newswire report but only five of them responded.

The number identified with the most frequent calls was amongst the telephones that could not be reached throughout Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

But of the successful five, one belonged to Nonso Obosi, another to one Blessing Godwin (an unsuspecting victim of Mr Akpan), two were traced to Mr Effiong and one to Mr Ezeugo.

Mr Obosi abruptly terminated the call after our reporter announced the intent of calling — enquiry into their relationship with the suspect.

Ms Godwin shared her near-death experience with Mr Akpan.

Also, Messrs Effiong and Ezeugo, after this reporter pressured them repeatedly, agreed to speak on their connections to the suspect.

Mr Effiong, who is a civil servant as reported by Newswire, further revealed that the suspected murderer is his relation.

“This boy is related to me in a way. He is my little cousin that did this thing and I didn’t want my hands to be connected with this,” he said, explaining the reason for not speaking up earlier.

He said he had been inundated with telephone calls from social media users who rang him on Tuesday to curse him.

Speaking further, he said he played a role in the arrest of Mr Akpan carried out on April 30.

“That boy contacted me on the 30th (of April) while in my brother’s house who is the Chairman of Uruan local government. They were all seated in his place with the DPO (Ezeugo) and DSP when the boy called, demanding for where his father was because the father had been arrested previously.”

“I told the DPO that this boy had contacted me. The DPO said we should see how we can bring him. That was exactly what I did.”

The DPO went to pick him up and handed him to the anti-kidnapping unit of the Akwa Ibom State Police Command.

“I did so, so that they can release his father to go and take drugs,” he said, justifying his call to Mr Akpan.

When asked if he knew Mr Akpan was engaged in crime since they are related, Mr Effiong said, “I don’t live with him. I don’t know anything about him. They returned to the village three years ago. So I don’t know anything. I don’t know he is into all these kinds of things.”

Pressed further on his previous conversations with the culprit, Mr Effiong said although he had following the matter on social media before the arrest of the suspect, he had not spoken to him until he (Mr Akpan) called that afternoon.

“On that day (maybe he felt running to us we would be able to assist him but unfortunately when he came around, he called when the policemen were there and I now had to bring him out. I facilitated his arrest.”

“That was why I sent him the DPO’s number. Not known to him (Frank) that the DPO was around.”

He added that he wrote a witness statement against Mr Akpan at the police headquarters in Uyo, saying the culprit had brought shame on the family and the entire village.

On his part, Mr Ezeugo defended himself, saying he had no prior knowledge of the suspect until a report was made on April 29.

“If I’m in talk with him before or after arrest, does it make any sense?”

“Who arrested the young man you are talking about? I did. If I had spoken to him before or after his arrest, does it make any sense? When you are doing an investigation, you can use any means, provided it is legally fit, to trace a suspect.”

The Divisional Police officer said he could have been accused of collusion if the suspect had absconded. “He is in custody as we speak.”

“This case was reported to me by a girl from Lagos,” Mr Ezeugo said. “I was not in the office then, so I called my boys. I told them to get information from the tracker and give us a specific address. When we got the address, we started moving there but unfortunately, the young man was not there but we met his father.

“After tracing the father’s conversation with him. We found out that the man was in contact with his son, that’s how we picked the father to my station.”

He further explained that the complainant went to the headquarters and met with the commissioner of police, who instructed the anti-kidnapping unit to take over the case.

However, he told PREMIUM TIMES that he is still following up on the case despite the fact that it has been transferred to command headquarters.

Asked if he knew Mr Effiong before now, the senior police officer did not give a definite response. “I may not know him by that name,” he said in this paper’s first interview with him.

He directed our reporter to the state command’s spokesperson, Odiko MacDon, when the question was repeated with a clearer description of Mr Effiong.

Mr MacDon, when contacted on Tuesday, said Mr Akpan is still in custody and would be arraigned when courts resume nationwide. He declined comments on Mr Akpan’s arrest and the role of Messrs Effiong and Ezeugo in it.

CCCR seeks retraction
Meanwhile, the Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research (CCCR) has reacted to the Newswire publication, demanding a retraction and an apology over the suggestion that it might be part of an organ trafficking syndicate.

“Since 2010, the Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research has provided health and social services to millions of Nigerians in over 9 states. In Akwa Ibom state, CCCRN provides health, protection, education, nutrition and household economic strengthening services (among others) to more than 100,000 orphans and vulnerable children and their households, working with the Government of Akwa Ibom state and Nine (9) reputable Community Based Organizations,” the organisation said.

It said contrary to the “Ghost NGO” claim in the publication, CCCR has a functional website containing its track records, physical addresses, email addresses and contact persons for its seven offices in Nigeria.

“We also have an email to which the reporter could have sent an enquiry email It is obvious that the “investigative reporter” conveniently ignored these opportunities to validate who we are and mischievously labelled a charitable organization with over 250 professional staff a “Ghost NGO”.

“The reporter further speculated or alleged that our Uyo Office ‘may have been commandeered by an illegal organ trafficking ring to feed the booming global black market organ trade.”

“Our business is to save lives which we have done creditably over 10 years. We also demand a retraction and apology by NewsWireNGR and Mr David Hundeyin immediately,” the statement read.

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Be Cautious With Your Utterances And Decisions, Northern Elders Tell Southern Governors | The Republican News

Photo: Southern Governors

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

The Northern Elders Forum, NEF, on Wednesday, urged the Southern Governors to exercise caution in their decisions and utterances.

NEF spokesman, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, stated this against the background of the 10-point decisions reached by the governors after a meeting in Asaba.

Baba-Ahmed, who noted that the country was facing trying times, reiterated its call for the rights of Northernern communities in the South not to be abridged in any form.

“The meeting and its resolutions are clearly major developments in the context of our current circumstances as a nation.

“Our Forum prefers to study developments of this nature with the responsibility they deserve and make its positions known.

“What we must say at this stage is that all leaders must exercise great caution in terms of their decisions and utterances.

“It is tempting to pander to galleries, but leaders set the pace and direction. They do not follow.

“We should also renew our appeal that members Northern communities living in the South, including Fulani, should not have their lawful rights abridged.

“These are very trying times. We hope the President will read the import of the decisions of this meeting very carefully and respond appropriately,” he said in a chat with Vanguard.

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Southern Senators Back Southern Governors On Open Grazing Ban, Urge For Requisite Laws |The Republican News

Archive photo: The Nigerian Senate

By The Republican News

The Southern senators have in a press conference held in Abuja expressed their support for the resolution made public in a communique issued by Southern Governors after their meeting in Asaba, Delta state.

The widespread insecurity and terror unleashed by the Fulani herdsmen have become of grave concern nationwide.

The press release is below:



As insecurity continues to take a toll on the country and subjecting many to kidnapping and killing, the Southern Senators Forum (SSF), has commended Governors from the region for outrightly taking a firm position on burning national issues, including banning open grazing of cattle.

The Senators submitted that such deft and unanimous policy would help in reining in those hiding under cattle grazing to unleash terror of kidnapping and killing on the residents of the region.

Southern Governors Forum (SGF), had at its meeting held in Asaba, Delta State Capital, on Tuesday, unanimously passed a verdict prohibiting open grazing in the region to checkmate herders-farmers clashes and senseless kidnapping as well as killings of Nigerian citizens of southern extraction.

A statement jointly signed by the SSF Chairman, Secretary General and Publicity Secretary, Senators Opeyemi Bamidele (Ekiti), Mathew Uroghide (Edo) and Chukwuka Utazi (Enugu), respectively and made available to journalists in Abuja and Ado Ekiti, on Wednesday, appaluded the step taken by the Governors, saying it would serve as a buffer to wanton destruction of farmlands, kidnappings and carnages .

The Senators lamented how the Southern farmers were losing Hyndeeds of millions of Naira to plundering of food crops through encroachments on farmlands and exposing the region to famine and acute food scarcity .

They said: “At this critical point of our national life when the economy was being bedeviled by galloping inflation, youth unemployment and insecurity, food security is very crucial to mitigate the effects of these diverse evils on the citizens.

“Available records have shown that attaining food security status would remain a mirage in the south owing to ravaging effect of outdated livestock grazing policy being unleashed on farmlands by some unscrupulous herders.

“Most appalling were the seemingly unabated kidnapping , raping and killing of our people by suspected herdsmen, who have become bandits heating up the system.

“With this uniform resolve by our Governors to initiate no-open grazing policy, the region will return to its peaceful and agriculturally self -sufficient status it had assumed even long before Nigeria’s amalgamation in 1914”.

Bamidele, Uroghide and Utazi saluted the Governors for ruminating on the expediency and the need for speedy restructuring of the highly lopsided Nigerian nation, saying this will also help to remove the venom that had permeated the land on account of alleged neglect of certain sections of the country.

The SSF leaders stated that ushering of equality , equity and justice in the way the country is being run will wipe out ethnic tension , restore peace and stability and ward off agitations for secession that are now gaining tractions across the land.

Finally, the Southern Senators Forum encouraged the Governors to swiftly follow up on their resolutions by immediately approaching the leadership of the National Assembly with a view to working with the two arms of the parliament to ensure that their well articulated positions on the state of the nation, especially as relate to restructuring, State policing and the jettisoning of archaic traditional grazing methods, which fall short of global best practice standard and a potential threat to our national cohesion and peace, are thoroughly and decisively addressed through the ongoing constitutional review exercise.

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Southern Governors Confused, Should Face IPOB Terrorists And Leave Fulani Herders Alone —Miyetti Allah |RN

Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore

by Segun Adegbite 

The National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Alhassan Saleh, says the ban on open grazing of cattle by southern governors is an ‘empty policy.

The governors had after a four-hour meeting in Asaba, Delta State on Tuesday agreed that open grazing should be banned.

Open grazing of cattle has often caused conflicts between host communities and migrant herders, leading to several deaths in many states.

Some of the herders have also been accused of committing other criminal acts like armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

Speaking to SaharaReporters on Wednesday, Saleh said herders are not the problem facing the country.

He described the southern governors as confused and mischievous.

“The governors are confused and mischievous, are herders the problem of this country? Are they Biafra people killing people up and down, burning police stations?

“They are confused, or are they not confused? If they can’t address the terrorist activities being perpetrated by Nnamdi Kanu (leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra) and his Igbo terrorist group called IPOB, I think they are really confused, if they are not confused, then they are mischievous.

“Is there anything like secret grazing? Let the governors go ahead to continue instigating their mobs to keep killing herdsmen. Can they comply with an empty policy? Where are the ranches?

” Are herdsmen the problem of this country? Are they the ones looting the treasury? They should leave the herders alone. They should stop killing innocent herders.”

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We Know Where Kidnappers Are, Only Being Careful —Lai Mohammed |The Republican News

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has assured Nigerians that the Federal Government is handling the problem of insecurity in the country.

He said the insinuation in some quarters that the government was clueless was unfounded, adding that the result of government’s efforts would soon be evident.

A statement said the minister spoke on Tuesday during a press briefing in Lagos.

He said, “It is no longer news that our dear nation is facing security challenges. However, I have read comments saying the Federal Government is overwhelmed and doesn’t have a clue as to how to tackle the challenges. Some have even gone as far as suggesting a truncation of the democratic order, a clearly treasonable stance.

“Well, I am here today to assure all Nigerians that while the government acknowledges the security challenges we face at this time, from terrorism to kidnapping, banditry and farmer-herder conflict, it is definitely not overwhelmed and indeed it has the wherewithal, as you will see in the days ahead, to confront the challenges headlong and restore law and order, peace and security.

Mohammed explained that the government indeed knew the locations of kidnappers, adding that security agencies were only being careful to avoid civilian casualties.

“One of the most difficult things to do, for a democratically-elected government, is to use the instruments of coercion against its own people. For example, while the nation’s military have superior firepower over the rag tag band of Boko Haram and ISWA, the terrorists most often than not operate among the populace, either in our villages or towns, hence the military, in tackling them, is usually careful to avoid collateral damage.

“The same applies to the kidnappers who abduct our school children. Usually, the location of the kidnappers is not unknown to security forces, but they still have to exercise caution in order not to hurt the same children they are trying to rescue. Despite these inhibitions, the security forces have the wherewithal to decisively tackle the challenges,” he added.

He lamented the attacks on security agencies in some parts of the country, saying they were a declaration of war.

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“I Lost My Igbo Identity”, Igbo-Ghanaian, Gordon Chimso Seeks To Reconnect With Family In Aba |The Republican News

Igbo-Ghanaian seeking to reconnect with his Igbo root from Aba, Abia state: Mr Gordon Chimso

By The Republican News

This young man story is a heartbreaking one and a reminder of the usual narrative of the need to keep in contact with your root unless you have decided not to have anything to do with your root.

Also, it would be good for parents, especially the Igbo who are adventurous in nature that travel far and wide around the globe, to leave some kind of detailed note on how their offsprings could reconnect with family back home if anything happens to them.

The story of this man is obviously one out of many cases of this nature, where children born outside the shores even within the shores of Nigeria are unable to reconnect with their families.

His story is heartbreaking and is seen below:

Good morning Sir, please help me to post this in your group, perhaps God may use this group to reconnect me to my Igbo root.

My name is Gordon Chimson; I am an Igbo man, born and bred in Ghana. I am now a full grown man, with wife and children. Though, God has blessed me with many things but I am yet to see myself as a successful man, my main goal is to trace my Igbo root, unite and rehabitate with my kinsmen—that will be my greatest achievement in life.

My father’s name is NDA OKOROJI, from Aba-ngwa Abia state. He married a Ghanaian woman (my mother) and resided in Ghana (Efiakuma, Takorad. Western part of Ghana—where I was born.) My father died when I was a year and 6months old while my mother died when I was 2yrs old, leaving me under the care of my uneducated grandmother–who could not provide me with detail informations on how to trace my family in the Igbo land.

According to the story, my father was brought to Ghana by his uncle but left Ghana during the Aliens compliancee Order in 1969 after all his efforts to take us to Nigeria failed as it was not permitted by Ghanaians. Whenever I remembered about my lost of Igbo identity, I became downcasted, depressed and unhappy, it gives me sleepless nights, making me to feel lonely, forlorn, , rejected and dejected. I wish God will use someone from this group, to help me unite with my kinsmen in the Igbo land. Thank you all, as I await your comments; advice and suggestions on what to do, to reunite with my kinsmen.

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Southern Governors Issue Communique, Ban Open Grazing At End Of Meeting In Asaba |The Republican News

Southern Governors


At its meeting held today, 11th May, 2021, the Southern Governors Forum reviewed the situation in the nation generally and focused on the current security situation, agitations/restructuring, prospect for inter-state collaboration and partnerships as well as on the incidence of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Rising from the meeting, the Forum:

affirmed that the peoples of Southern Nigeria remain committed to the unity of Nigeria on the basis of justice, fairness, equity and oneness and peaceful co-existence between and among its peoples with a focus on the attainment of shared goals for economic development and prosperity;
observed that the incursion of armed herders, criminals and bandits into the Southern part of the country has presented a severe security challenge such that citizens are not able to live their normal lives including pursuing various productive activities leading to a threat to food supply and general security. Consequently, the meeting resolved that open grazing of cattle be banned across Southern Nigeria;
noted that development and population growth has put pressure on available land and increased the prospects of conflict between migrating herders and local populations in the South. Given this scenario, it becomes imperative to enforce the ban on open grazing in the South (including cattle movement to the South by foot);
recommended that the Federal Government should support WILLING States to develop alternative and modern livestock management systems;
agreed that the progress of the nation requires that urgent and bold steps be taken to restructure the Nigerian Federation leading to the evolution of state police, review of revenue allocation formula in favour of the sub-national governments and creation of other institutions which legitimately advance our commitment to and practice of true federalism;
recommended that in view of widespread agitations among our various peoples for greater inclusiveness in existing governance arrangements, the Federal Government should convoke a national dialogue as a matter of urgency;
recommended that in deference to the sensitivities of our various peoples, there is need to review appointments into Federal Government Agencies (including Security Agencies) to reflect federal character as Nigeria’s overall population is heterogenous;
resolved to foster cooperation among the Southern States and the nation at large;

expressed concern on the continued gridlock on the Oshodi – Apapa Expressway and the chokehold it has exerted on the nation’s economy being the sole outlet from Apapa Wharf. The meeting therefore recommended the activation and establishment of ports in other States of the federation to create new jobs and promote socio-economic activities in the country;
the meeting expressed concern on the economic implications of another lockdown on the country, and therefore suggested greater coordination and cooperation between Federal and State Governments in evolving strategies for dealing with the pandemic;
expressed very grave concern on the security challenge currently plaguing the nation and strongly urged that Mr. President should address Nigerians on the challenges of insecurity and restore the confidence of our people; and
expressed gratitude to our host, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for his generosity and hospitality.

Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN
Governor, Ondo State

His Excellency His Excellency
Dr. Victor Okezie Ikpeazu Chief Emmanuel Udom
Governor, Abia State Governor, Akwa Ibom State

His Excellency His Excellency
Willie Obiano Senator Diri Duoye
Governor, Anambra State Governor, Bayelsa State

His Excellency His Excellency
Prof. Ben Ayade Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa
Governor, Cross Rivers State Governor, Delta State

His Excellency His Excellency
Engr. Dave Umahi Godwin Obaseki
Governor, Ebonyi State Governor, Edo State

His Excellency His Excellency
John Olukayode Fayemi Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi
Governor, Ekiti State Governor, Enugu State

His Excellency His Excellency
Senator Hope Uzodimma Babajide Sanwo-Olu
Governor, Imo State Governor, Lagos State

His Excellency His Excellency
Dapo Abiodun Isiaka Adegboyega Oyetola Governor, Ogun State Governor, Osun State

His Excellency His Excellency
Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde Ezenwo Nyesom Wike Governor, Oyo State Governor, Rivers State

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Igbo In Lagos Condemn Joe Igbokwe’s False, Mischievous, Incendiary Claim On Attack On Lagos |The Republican News

Joe Igbokwe

In the press statement released by the Igbo in Lagos, they condemned what they called an incendiary, false and mischievous claim by one of their controversial sons, Joe Igbokwe over imminent attack by IPOB on Lagos.

This claim has also been condemned by Oodua Koya group, Chief Gani Adams and other pan Yoruba groups as a ploy to create conflict between the Igbo and Yoruba by the authority, which made such claim.

The press release is below.




We at Ndigbo Lagos have just listened to the video making the rounds in the Social Media today 9th May 2021. In the said video Mr. Joe Igbokwe, a Political appointee of Lagos State Government and Special Adviser Drainage and Water Resources claimed insider knowledge of a clandestine plot by some Igbo youths who he believes are IPOB members, to kill, to burn down police stations and public infrastructure in Lagos.

NDIGBO LAGOS the umbrella body of all Igbo organizations in Lagos, wish to state as follows:

  1. That we are saddened by the claims of Mr. Igbokwe, which we believe are mischievous, false, baseless and inciting.
  2. That the governments of the South Eastern States of Nigeria and various security agencies in the country have initiated investigations to unravel the persons behind the killings and destruction of properties in the South East, and we believe strongly in their competence and ability to unravel the masterminds and bring them to justice.
  3. That as usual with such serious investigations the Police and other Security Agencies expect support through information from responsible citizens of which Joe Igbokwe being a government insider is very much aware of and in a good position to comply with.
  4. That rather than do this, Mr. Igbokwe irresponsibly went to town with his personal conclusions on who these perpetrators are and what evil they are planning for Lagos, notwithstanding the ongoing official investigations. This probably goes to suggest that Mr. Igbokwe knows more than the ordinary eyes could see, and should be invited by the relevant security agency to clarify his source which he claims is credible.
  5. That the Lagos State government had initiated and conducted investigation on what happened during the EndSars protest, and are well equipped with relevant information on the perpetrators of that heinous act.
  6. That the Igbos were not the cause of the Biafran war, and have no intention to engage into any acts as may suggest any intention of such in the foregoing circumstance.
  7. That we condemn in clear terms the killings going on all over the country, including in the South East, and sympathize with the families of officers and civilians, who have had to endure the loss of their dear ones. We pray their soul to rest perfect in the bossom of our Lord!
  8. We wish to reiterate that Igbo youths are NOT killers, neither are they arsonists, but are positively recognized as hardworking contributors to the development of our country. We have been victims rather than perpetrators of killings, burnings and looting in Nigeria.
  9. That it has become expedient for us to issue this rebuttal, in the light of the hightened tension in the country, being convinced that some malevolent minds may take advantage of Mr. Joe Igbokwe’s recklessness with unsubstantiated rethorics to spread mistrust, cause disunity and escalate mischief in such manner and disguise, as may cause fingers to be wrongly pointed at the Igbos in Lagos. We therefore call on Mr. Joe Igbokwe to desist from reaching hasty conclusions, and spreading of falsehood.
  10. We enjoin Ndigbo across Lagos to go about their normal buisness. And should not engage in any unlawful acts that would endanger the good relationship we enjoy with the people of Lagos State.
  11. Finally, we want to remind Mr. Igbokwe that respect for the elderly is one of the cornerstone of Igbo values and civilized behavior. Hence, we call upon him to retrace his steps and apologize to Chief Mbazulike Amechi for the unconscionable remarks he made against him.

Prince Tony Eze
Director of Communication and Strategy

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Buhari’s UK Doctors Want Him To Resign Because His Dementia Has Deteriorated |The Republican News

written by Our Reporter

Doctors in the United Kingdom, UK, who attended to President Mohammadu Buhari during his last medical visit to the UK have advised the
President to resign and take care of his “terribly bad dementia.”

A close source to Mamman Daura, President Buhari’s nephew, told that the Doctors also suggested that if the President cannot resign for Political reasons, he needs to take at least six months medical leave to attend to his failing health.

President Buhari had traveled to the UK on March 30, 2021 in what was described as a routine medical check. He returned to Nigeria April 15,

Upon arrival in UK, a source who confided in said Doctors who were brought in to examine the President’s state of health, determined that his dementia has really gone bad and would need time in the hospital to receive adequate care.

“The Doctors were not happy when they spoke with Mamman Daura. They said his dementia has seriously deteriorated and that he would need to either resign or take a minimum of six months to attend to his health,” the source said.

The source who would not want to be named because of fear of attack told that the Doctors also met with the Director General, Nigeria Intelligence Agency, NIA, Ahmed Rufai Abubakar, former DG, DSS, Lawan Daura, Sabiu Yusus aka Tunde and few others and told them to advice the President to resign or take a six-month leave. gathered that the Doctors were particularly shocked at how fast the President have lost his ability to respond to his
environment or carry out conversations or even remember things.

The source gave an example of the President not remembering the names of his Doctors, some of whom have been with him for years and his several
attempts at having a conversation but saying something else not related to the subject matter.

“Sometimes he talks and doesn’t know what he is saying and won’t remember anything you just told him. The Doctors noticed all that and that is why they suggested he resign because they feel he is not able to do a lot of things anymore.” learned that for Buhari to appear in public places of attend meetings, they must prepare his speeches, write them in very bold
font sizes, and ensure no one ask any question so as not to expose his condition.

“This is why the President would not address any meeting without a written speech, do a live broadcast, have any live interview or attend
to any public function. His condition is bad, but the cabal will not let him go, a Presidency source told when this paper reached out to confirm the London Doctors opinion.

The President’s medical situation is why governance have been seized by a cabal allegedly led by Attorney General and Minister of justice,
Abubakar Malami, Sabiu and Mamman Daura. had reported that while Buhari was in the UK for his medical vacation, for days, protesters continued to picket the Nigerian
Embassy in London and the Nigeria House where the President was observing his medical vacation, frustrating efforts of medical personnel from attending to him.

This paper had also reported that the president is suffering pains from the kidney surgical transplant he had, Dementia and Alzheimer.

The president is a frequent flier to the UK where his doctors routinely check him or treat him.

Source: Pointblanknews

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