2023: The Igbo Not United, Can’t Produce Next President —ex-Minister, Ogunlewe |The Republican News

Adeseye Ogunlewe


Adeseye Ogunlewe, a former Minister of Works, has said the southeast cannot produce a president in 2023.

Ogunlewe said the inability of the people of the southeast to unite under a common leadership would work against their presidential ambition.

He disclosed this while featuring on Arise TV’s ‘The Morning Show’ programme on Wednesday.

The former minister also pointed out that the lack of cohesion among the southeast people would work against them.

He said: “Another set of people that are appropriate, they are the people from the Southeast but they have the problem of leadership.

“They are so endowed that they are spread all over Nigeria and they can gather a lot of votes, but they are too divided. An Imo person, an Enugu person, an Ebonyi man will not listen to themselves.

“They have the money. If they sit down and aggregate what they can offer, they have more money than almost everybody in Nigeria.

“But have you seen one person from the south-east that said ‘I am interested in the presidency, I will start to campaign all over Nigeria immediately, raise money for me?’ and influence the structure of the party?” (BarristerNg)

One thought on “2023: The Igbo Not United, Can’t Produce Next President —ex-Minister, Ogunlewe |The Republican News

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a hate speech and whom they are in their mind towards the igbos. Enough is enough we are going out as a new nation and let them go with the fulanies. We will see who will be the most united.

    Despite being a pastor asibanjo was compaining a genocide against the igbos. He had never as a pastor warn the herdsman, bandits and bokoharams to stop evil things they are doing and he continues showing hatred to my people.
    I hate hypocrisy people . Snakes of two heads..
    By the grace of Jehova whom asibanjo abandoned speaking his truth . We are going soon.
    More than 1.8millions igbos people have died since the reign of asibanjo ‘s administration and he never shows concerns about the igbos.
    Since the yorubas started agitation, he had never ordered army to kill them but in the case of ipob you will see him jumping up talking like a man fetch them and kill them wherever they are. We the young generation are taken note of all his speeches.
    God is wise.
    Go away with your Nigeria we are different people that shows love to everyone and are ready to accommodate every anyone as a sign of God ‘s own people Truth must remains in our generation.
    All hail Biafrans new nation and that is our new record and there is no going back. We the young generation of God ‘s own people can never stand again to bear the pain of our 10 millions in total of the igbos being slaughtered by the so called Nigeria.
    We are going period.
    Agu na Odu.

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