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Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo

The former minister for Works, Mr Adeseye Ogunlewe made once again a controversial statement that the Igbo cannot produce the next president claiming that they’re not united.

Previously, the President General of Ohanaeze, Prof. George Obiozor has addressed this issue and mocked the idea that the Igbo had to be united to produce the next president and asked if the same was demanded from others who have produced presidents.

Anyway, the deputy executive youth leader of Ohanaeze, Onwuasoanya C.C. Jones has in this press statement addressed the former minister.




Former Minister of Works and APC chieftain, Adeseye Ogunlewe has been variously quoted on different media reports as having claimed that Igbos will not be able to produce Nigeria’s President because of their failure to invest appropriately in Party politics. The former Senator reportedly made these claims when he appeared as a guest on Arise TV’ ‘The Morning Show’ earlier today, Wednesday, 11th August, 2021.

Among many wild, flippant and unprovable assertions peddled against the Igbo by the elder statesman is that; we (Igbos) “have the problem of leadership”. This denigrating falsehood is one blackmail against Ndigbo that tribal champions like Adeseye have always deployed as a sort of disparaging epithet against the Igbo. Honourable Adeseye is intelligent and should be in tune with history enough to know that the Igbos’ republican bent is not the same as being a people that have a problem of leadership. Ndigbo have and accept the right set of leadership, at different cadres in our traditional Igbo society. Like every enlightened and politically aware society, Ndigbo have among them; individuals who question the leadership provided by those at the helm of Igbo sociocultural, political and religious leadership, at various times. That is evidence of a people with vibrant leadership and not problematic leadership. It is only in a colony of dunces that the leadership class is not ever called to question, and Ndigbo will not apologize for being conscious, intellectual and industrious enough not to allow the leadership class to get away with every action and decision without questions from the people.

Another argument advanced by Chief Adeseye against Ndigbo is that we have not invested enough in the political structure of political Parties. According to him; No person from the Southeast has been able to show ‘seriousness’ in the presidency by mounting a nationwide campaign and showing capacity to influence the structure of the Party.

This is one falsehood that is both cheap and debasing to the personality of Chief Adeseye, even though we understand that he is on a ‘job’ to advance the selfish agenda of some group of politicians who believe that the only way they can thrash the “Nigerian Charter of Equity,” which squarely places the right to the presidency on the doorsteps of Ndigbo of Southeast, is by propagating falsehood against Ndigbo and attempting to mutilate history. Let me quickly make it clearly that Ndigbo of the Southeast have more than 1,000, 000 eminently qualified, financially capable and politically equipped to vie for and win the Nigerian presidency, at the next election. The only thing that will rob us of this chance is political injustice.

Igbo politicians are at the helm of the two major political Parties in Nigeria, and except, the injustice being currently rehearsed by Adeseye and his sponsors is allowed to succeed, Ndigbo should be able to comfortably determine the shape and outlook of the structures of not just the two major political Parties, but that of any political Party in Nigeria, at the moment. However, Ndigbo are also not interested in hijacking power, but believe that no matter who is in charge of these structures, we will have to engage every section of the country and reach beneficial understanding in order to produce the next President.

As a Senator, elected on the platform of the defunct Alliance for Democracy, Adeseye is aware that his kinsman, former President Olusegun Obasanjo did not have access to any political structure in this country, when he came out of prison and was practically piggybacked to the presidency by a combination of Southeast and Northern Nigeria support. It is on record that President Obasanjo’s presidency was a product of political concession by the Southeast especially, and other parts of Nigeria, on the basis of the principle of equity and fairness.

Therefore, even if there is no Igbo of the Southeast with the capacity and political spread to influence political Party structures and leadership, it behoves on leaders like Adeseye, who by his natural age and political experiences, qualifies eminently as an elder statesman, to be at the forefront of the campaign for all Nigerians to unite behind Igbo presidential candidates across all the registered political Parties, especially, given that he had conceded that Ndigbo are “so endowed”.


If our concern is to elect competent, endowed, patriotic, honest and adequately endowed person as President, then, you can find them in excess among the Igbos of the Southeast.

If our interest is in keeping to justice, fair play and the principle of equity, then, there is no better place to elect the next President of Nigeria from, than the Southeast of Nigeria.

If we want Nigeria to be rescued from her current and seemingly inscrutable challenges, we must elect our next President from among the most endowed tribe in this country, and in the words of Chief Adeseye, that tribe is the Igbo of Southeast.

Therefore, I charge Chief Adeseye and other eminent Nigerian statesmen and patriots to align, for the sake of justice, equity, and national progress, behind the project to produce a competent, nationalistic and honest Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones
Deputy National Youth Leader,
Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide.
11th August, 2021.

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