UPDATED: Gunmen In Military Uniform Attack Sunday Igboho’s House, Vehicles, Furniture Destroyed (Photos)|The Republican News

The Soka Ibadan residence of Yoruba Nation Agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho was raided in the early hours of Thursday by yet-to-be-identified gunmen.

The incident reportedly occurred around 1:00am.

The media page of Igboho’s spokesperson, Mr Olayomi Koiki, in a live feed monitored by The Nation, alleged some men adorning military uniforms carried out the attack.

The body of someone murdered was dragged through this floor leaving the blood trail

It was observed Igboho’s vehicles, including his G-wagon, Prado Jeep, some valuable properties including furniture, and windows were destroyed.

Bullet holes were found in cars parked in the premises while blood stains were seen at the premises.

It was also alleged that some persons in the house including a close ally of Igboho identified as ‘Lady K’, were whisked away.

It was learnt Igboho was not at home during the attack while some alleged he ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.

Oyo Police Command was yet to confirm the attack.

It could be recalled that Anonymous International, the World acclaimed community of hackers, warned about plans to kill Sunday Igboho.

The broadcast by Anonymous International obtained by The Republican News stated how the assassination would be made by a suicide bomber.

The broadcast is below and unaltered.


January 24 2021.           

An Order has been given to kill a man called Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo from a region in Nigeria called Oyoo region, His death has been programmed to look like a suicide bomber attack, this would be carried out within the next few days. A contact has been made with a man called Nuhu Kabiru whom we can’t tell his region as that was not mentioned. The reason for this mans death is unknown to us, but we do not believe this is part of the depopulation agenda as we believe there’s more to this. Being a definite target is a question mark which we try to find out answers to. His house would be burnt as well, they shall do everything to subdue and eliminate this man!

The suicide Bomber has been told to target a particular time where there would be multitude around this man aforementioned, this way, it would not be obvious as to who the target was.

Feel free to doubt, feel free to disbelieve, like every other messages, this would be done and you shall come back and say Anonymous was Right just as always.

You all stay safe out there

But always remember

We are Anonymous
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us.

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