Usifo Ataga’s Death: Chidinma Ojukwu Finally Speaks On How They Met During Lockdown |The Republican News

Usifo Ataga and suspected killer, Chidimma Ojukwu

Chidinma Ojukwu, the 21-year-old University of Lagos student who confessed to stabbing Super TV boss, Uwaifo Ataga, to death, has revealed how she met the deceased.

In a recent interview with Daily Trust, Chidinma explained that financial issues caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 made her hook up with some girls who took her to some wild parties where she met the late CEO.

Read what she said below,

“It first sounded like fun when I went out for the first time along other girls. My friend who took me out told me we were going to attend a party organised by one of the latest big boys in town.

“On arrival, it was fun-filled. We had so much to drink. At first, it was shisha that we were smoking. I took a few drags on the pipe and blew the smoke out immediately. Other girls were busy blowing out smoke from their noses and mouths.

“The party ended in the wee hours of the night and we ended up in bed with some guys. The guy I slept with gave me N50,000 and I felt like break-dancing.

“It was at one of those parties that I met Ataga. He picked interest in me because of the course I am reading. We dated for about six months before I started noticing his strange behaviour. He gave me roofies (a street name for Rohypnol) before sex.

“I never meant to kill him. I was not in the mood but he wanted sex. I told him so and we had roofies, after which he was all over me. He forced his way into me, even though it was not the first time we had sex. I felt he was using me to satisfy his sex urge as he never fulfilled all he promised to do for me.”

(Culled from Journalist101, Daily Trust)

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  1. Uzoma Chimezie says:

    Her stories keep changing. I hope police will protect her very well to avoid the other players poisoning her to death and forever silence her to avoid implicating them.

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