Military Should Stop Killing Fulani Bandits, Kidnappers, They’re Victims Too —Sheik Gumi |The Republican News

Sheikh Abubakar Gumi

Gumi has warned against military engagement with armed bandits in the northern region of the country. Sheikh Ahmad Gumi is a popular Islamic scholar who has been an advocate for bandits and kidnappers in the north.

Gumi has cautioned Federation Government and the Nigerian military against violent engagement with the bandits and kidnappers. Even after abducting several schoolchildren and collecting millions as ransom from Government, Gumi has continued to advocate for a soft landing for the criminals.

Recently, according to Sahara Reporters, Sheikh Gumi has warned the Nigerian military and Federal Government to stop killing bandits and Kidnappers. He claimed that they are also victims.

During an interview with Punch newspaper, Gumi revealed that it is not a good idea to kill bad it’s and kidnappers in the North. He has continued to advocate for them even after collecting over 200 million naira from parents of abducted schoolchildren in Niger State.

He has revealed how he has engaged them in talks and plead with them to stop abducting innocent children and collecting dirty money from their parents. He disclosed that they are herdsmen using kidnapping as a means of making money.

Gumi has condemned in strong words the killings of bandits and kidnappers noting that attacking them may affect the abducted children. He claimed that many among them are illiterates and they use their weapons to guard against military invasion of their camps.

Gumi has revealed that they have our students and negotiating with them is a perfect way forward. (OperaNews)

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