Buhari’s Democracy Day Speech Was A Study In Dishonesty, Riddled With Lies —Reno Omokri |The Republican News

Major.Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

The former aide to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has described Buhari’s democracy day speech as a study in dishonesty. He exposes all the lies enmeshed in Muhammadu Buhari’s democracy day speech with facts.

Below is what Omokri had to say.

General Buhari’s Democracy Day speech was a study in dishonesty. Buhari claimed success in pulling 100 million Nigerians out of poverty. A wicked lie from a man who made Nigeria the world headquarters for EXTREME poverty.

Buhari said his regime does “sensible and transparent borrowing”. A hideous lie. Nigeria’s debt to revenue ratio is 90%. We owed ₦12 trillion in 2015. We owe ₦36 trillion today. Buhari has reduced us to a beggar nation.

General Buhari boasted of building infrastructure “wholly focused on Nigeria”. What an unnecessary lie from a government that awarded a $1.9 billion contract in Niger because “I have first cousins in Niger”.

Buhari boasted of the Second Niger Bridge. He failed to tell you the contract was awarded to Julius Berger in 2014 as a PERSONAL INITIATIVE of @GEJonathan, who paid ₦21.2 billion BEFORE leaving office.

Buhari lied that “we lifted 10.5 million people out of poverty”. Under Buhari, extreme poverty almost doubled in Nigeria. We have 90 million extremely poor people. Before Buhari we had less than 55 million. Buhari lied!

Buhari described his regime’s #COVID19 plan as “successful”. An evil lie. Buhari refused to shut our airspace early in 2020, despite warnings, because his daughter and chief of staff were abroad. He endangered us.

Still on his woeful #COVID19 response, which he called “successful”, his administration never gave Nigerians palliatives. They were given to APC stalwarts. Ghana paid water and electric bills for its citizens.

Buhari says he’s in “pursuit of a fair society”. How can our society be fair when the heads of the Three Arms of Government are Northern Muslim Males? It has NEVER happened in our history until nepotistic Buhari!

General Buhari claims he has “acknowledged notions of marginalisation”. He just insulted Igbos as “a dot in a circle”. He forgets that Israel is also a dot in a circle of hostile nations and defeated them all!

Buhari said “the primary responsibility for constitutional amendments lies with the National Assembly”. He is fooling you. He has put his lackeys as Senate President and Speaker to ensure restructuring fails!

Buhari said “I remain ever committed to defending Nigeria’s Corporate existence.” Then why is he spending tax payer funds to rehabilitate Boko Haram, to romance killer herdsmen, and only really fights the South East?

Buhari boasted that “the Security of the people remain the primary purpose of government”, yet, according to the Global Terror Index, Nigeria is more insecure today than in 2015. Syria and Yemen are more secure.

Buhari said “I have provided the security agencies with all they require.” A lie. While our soldiers needed weapons and welfare, Buhari budgeted $500 million to digitalise NTA and ₦37 billion to renovate NASS.

Buhari claims to have a “strong belief in the Nigerian spirit”. But that belief disappears when he needs healthcare. At such times, he develops a ‘strong belief in the London doctor spirit’. Lori iro. Isokuso!

In conclusion, Buhari’s Democracy Day speech exposed him, yet again, as a lying nepotistic tribalist. He does not even have the skills to lie convincingly. This is a man who should not even be running a KFC!

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