I’m Igbo, Any Attack On Igbo People Is An Attack On Me —Aisha Yesufu |The Republican News

Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu has taken to her social media account and revealed that she is an Igbo. The Nigerian politician activist disclosed this in a viral video she shared on her verified Twitter account.

Sharing the tweet, Aisha made her followers understand that her full name is Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu. She stated that any attack on the Igbo people is an attack on her, and the same goes for threats.

She further condemned the tweet President Muhammadu Buhari tweeted yesterday. Aisha claimed that no Nigerian is more Nigerian than any Nigerian. She also used the same opportunity and urged the government to deploy resources equally to every section of this country.

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“My name is Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu. Any threat to Igbo people is a threat to me. An attack to Igbo people is an attack on me. I condemn the 1967 threats from President Buhari to the Igbo people. No Nigerian is more Nigerian than any Nigerian”.

The tweet dropped by Aisha captured the minds of her fans. Those who commented thanked her for always speaking the truth. They prayed that Allah should continue to bless her regardless.

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