APC’s SA To Ogun State Governor, Abidemi Rufai Arrested By FBI For Over $350,000 Unemployment Fraud In US |RN

By Ike A. Offor

Nigerian citizen and APC Special Assistant  to Ogun state governor, Abidemi Rufai has been exposed in the United States for widespread unemployment benefits fraud, in what seems like a vast network of fraudulent activities with his accomplices.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI after several months of investigation arrested Mr Abidemi Rufai at J.F. Kennedy airport as he was about to leave the United States.

He has been arrested by the US FBI for a widespread fraudulwnt activities that seemed to have covered over 10 states in the United States and may warrant more arrests to uncover more of his accomplices.

At the moment he is being charged by FBI in Washington DC for $350, 000 but a video obtained by  The Republican News  shows that the fraud uncovered in many states may be linked to him and his accomplices in their fraudulent team activities. Also a tweet by FBI Seattle confirms the case

Mr Abidemi Rufai with over N70m Mercedes-Benz G Wagon

The video obtained by The Republican News painted uglier picture of the activities of Mr Abidemi Rufai against the Social Security Department. It stated that he used identity of over 100 people to falsely claim unemployment benefits.

The FBI uncovered that in 10 states, Hawai, Missouri, Main, Montana, New York, Ohio, Pensylavainia, Wiscoson, Michigan others, that he and his accomplices took millions of dollars from unemployment funds.

From the report seen by The Republican News, it is estimated that $642m unemployment benefits are paid to fraudsters of which $369m has been recovered, this leaves a whopping $273m still unaccounted for.

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