Attack On Hope Uzodinma Is Just Beginning Of What Is On The Way For Evil Leaders —Mbaka |The Republican News

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka

Catholic priest and the spiritual Director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Very Reverend Father Cammellus Ebenizah Ejike Mbaka has during today’s Sunday Holy mass advised the Nigeria politicians and the leaders to see the recent attack on the Governor of Imo State as the beginning of what is going to befall on them starting from Aso Rock to the local Government level. He said, the recent attack on the Governor’s properties by the unknown gunmen is a prophecy coming through against the leaders. “This was prophesied here four years ago and it came again early this year. How can you be treating our young graduates the way you do and think they will be happy for you? Hope Uzodinma has gotten everything wrong and what has befallen him is a sign of bad leadership. There is bad leadership in imo state and that is why it is boiling today. The imolites are not happy. He said.

The catholic priest who dished out the statements during the Holy mass homily, which he tagged “the good shepherd stressed that the Imo State Governor lacked a good adviser and should try as much as he can to retrace his wrong step. “Hope came here for prayers to become the governor of Imo, I do not know who he is before and not to talk of giving me money. Before God and man Hope did not give me a dime to pray for him and I don’t collect money before I pray for anybody because, my anointing cannot be merchandise. No one can buy it. It is the gift of the holyspirit. I asked Hope to lay his hand upon the Holy Bible on the sanctuary and make a convanant that he will take good care of the Imo people which he did, but after he became the governor, Hope has never called me on phone and refused to pick up my calls as well. If he had been calling or answering my calls, I would have advised him when he was going wrong. He added.

Mbaka stressed that, after he had prayed for Hope and he became the governor, he directed him to contact one of the Catholic priest in Owerri and make him his spiritual adviser, but he paid a deaf ears and keep putting the lives of those he was meant to govern at risk. “How can you be killing your people and think they will be happy for you?

“I heared all the governors of the southeast went to Imo to hover arround the destroyed properties of the governor. That is not the solution because more is still coming and it is not going to be in Imo alone but nation. Build industries and get our youths engaged as soon as posdible or your lives are in danger. He warned.

He further advised the imolites to start packing their belongings out of the state and find a safety place to stay for a while because more havoc and unpleasant things are still going to happen in the state. “Hope has failed the imo citizens and now he is getting what he deserves, he think he will cheat the Holy spirit here. No, it is a matter of time and he wiil fight for himself and the time is now. Imagine, Hope could not return to the altar that made him a governor to kneel and thank the Holyspirit. I do not ask him to give me money because I have enough. There is no amount of money I will need today that the holyspirit cannot provide for me. He exhausted.

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