Fulani Herdsmen Have No Option But To Carry AK-47 For Self Protection —Gov. Bala Mohammed |RN

Bauchi Sate Governor, Bala Mohammed

Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State Governor, has proffered reasons herders must carry weapons.

According to the governor, herdsmen need to protect themselves. The governor ascribed the practice to the failure of society and government to guarantee the safety of herders while in the forest.

The governor, who spoke on Thursday, February 11, in Bauchi, said, “Because the Fulani man is practising the tradition of pastoralism, he has been exposed to the vagaries of the forest, cattle rustlers who carry guns, kill him and take away his commonwealth, which is the cows.

He has no option than to carry AK47 because the society and the government are not protecting him, what is his fault; it’s the fault of the government and the people. You don’t criminalize all of them, because, in every tribe, there are criminals.” He added

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