Femi Fani-Kayode: Our Fooling Spy And His Crossover Night —Dr Bolaji Akinyemi

Femi Fani-Kayode

By Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi

My first shot at Femi Fani-Kayode was published on the 21st of April 2020 in Sahara Reporters – it was my reaction to a man masquerading as the representative of the oppressed during the day while dining with the oppressor at night!

Shocking was my first word in the said article. More shocking were the reactions that followed, both from FFK and his many hired hands against me on the internet – hired hands who, like their principal, are empty barrels, all noise; no content, thick dark clouds blown away by the wind without the anticipated rain.

I don’t know Femi Fani Kayode from Adam. And I am glad that he and his many friends, who have claimed to know me, don’t know me either. That, of course, should suggest something to them. But I doubt their intelligence to understand it.

The matter here is Nigeria, having weight and occupying the cyberspace – no personal interests in or against Uncle Femi.

The news of his return home to APC must have come to the ignorants as a surprise but not those who have followed this razor-tongue who lacks honour, integrity and consistency.

Do I need to remind us of a boast he made of his ever-shifting consistency? Hear him: “My opposition to the BUHARI Government for the past five years has been as constant as the NORTHERN STAR and it remains as strong today as ever.” (Emphasis mine).

“Self.” That’s the crux of the matter to our “Southern star.” That’s all he has to say about the critical issue of betraying our national brotherhood to service his friendship with the late Abba Kyari, and by extension the Buhari-led APC Government of the day.

His fraternity with the Yoruba Nation for which he was screaming from the rainforest to the hearing of the desert fields is worth nothing more than his ego. What a time for Femi to decamp to APC, when the forests of Oduduwa are occupied by armed, Fulani herdsmen, and the brave among the people like Sunday Igboho are prioritising the security of the Yorubas over bread-and-butter politics.

What a time to ditch the Homeland when even Adams Oshiomole is worried about the illegality tagged revalidation of party membership, a process that is unknown to APC constitution!

Sir, I repeat the question: Who is bankrolling this? This was a question you were once asked; and to which your response betrayed you as a person with a short fuse and no plugs.

Indeed, some fellows are without shame. If on a national television, Channels TV at that, before Maope Ogun-Yusuf and millions of live viewers as witnesses, the Honourable Minister of Transport, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, accused you of taking N2billion from Rivers State meant for the resurfacing of the Port Harcourt Airport Run Way, l expected you to pick the gauntlet by clearing your name or calling Amaechi a liar.

And as if trying to urge you to action, Maope, following the principle of fair hearing, demanded for a proof which the Minister promised to produce the following morning. Did he? Amaechi, Maope and Channels TV owe Nigerians the answer.

For you, it seems it has always been about money. The need for another pretty “bedmate”, after your last walked away must have brought you under intense pressure for this desperate jump. Sir, life shouldn’t just be about money and women.

Sir, the masses can no longer be kept in PERPETUAL darkness. “Ile ti mo!” It’s daybreak! Your return home at a time the Asiwaju of APC is not even sure of a spot in the backline speaks volumes.

Having read you like book and knowing you more than you do yourself, the “constant Northern” star is on a political business mission to do the needed damage to South-West political calculation in 2023 on behalf of the Fulani Oligarchy who were erstwhile partners of your progenitor, the late Chief Victor Babaremilekun Fani Kayode, AKA Fani Power!

I know it’s always difficult for abusive silver spoon progenies to take correction. But, sir, a time must come in the life of a man when he must be truthful to himself. With all due respect, sir, you have fooled yourself while attempting to fool us by this move to APC. The consequences are fatal.

As you prepare for a season of political irrelevance, l promise you sir, meddlesome interlopers like you won’t have patronage in the dynamics of 2023. Go and dust off your inherited law books, at least for charge and bail services to put meals on your table. It is better than this executive “area boysim.”

Whilst you are at it, you may also do well to help us disseminate this admonition to your colleagues and traitors alike:

Eph 4:28
“Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.”

There is dignity in labour and living within one’s means: “ni iyi omoluabi.”

On my reference to your espionage mission to PDP, do I need to remind you that the peak of your political stewardship was in the PDP?

You were rewarded beyond your deserving: Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs; Minister of Culture and Tourism; and later Minister of Aviation, leaving out party intervention appointments where you held sway. But how did you pay the PDP back?

You defected to APC in May 2013, a decision you said you took after a visit to Governor Kayode Fayemi in the State House. Let’s save the details of your discussion with His Excellency.

You came into APC and “dazzled” like a million stars in the galaxy without a territory. Out of frustration you jumped back on the PDP’s boat on an undertaking mission in June 2014, just nine months to the next presidential election. How did you do it sir?

Even the devil may need to learn camouflage from you. You then mesmerised them with your oratorical prowess and became the oracle of their future and destiny.

The election came, and Buhari was announced on Tuesday, 31st March, 2015. On Wednesday, 1st April, 2015, you congratulated him.

Just three years after, October 2016 to be precise, you were back to the ground of your vomit at the state house in Ekiti -to greet the new captain I suppose.

Howbeit, in the company of your wife and baby. The duo had gone out to the bank to pick up the benefits of your family visit while you swung in the comfort of the same office where you had negotiated your defection with Governor Fayemi then a few years back. But now you were face to face with Gov. Ayo Fayose, expecting your wife back. What heartlessness! Out of the drama in the bank, the news broke.

But you were never broken. People who cannot see through your games, who are hailing you and calling you their hero should have their heads examined.

Please, don’t blame PDP for not trusting you in 2019 when you offered your services for the Atiku/Obi Campaign Organisation. They have learnt how to treat ship-jumpers like you from APC. It’s was a case of once bitten, twice shy. Their discernment is now public knowledge.

The future is not only bleak for fraudulent politicians, it is, too, for political parties who have carried on without accountability. Why should we expect transparency from people who don’t give account of their campaign funds, nor subject party financial books for audit? “Se bi eni bama daso fun ni, ti orun la wo”: the person that will promise you the gift of a garment, must be well dressed. Corrupt entities promising to fight corruption.

Nigerians must be weary of accusations and counter accusations of political parties and their gladiators. From now on, political parties that will receive our support must not only present credible candidates, but must equally present thier credibilities by making public their audited books from 2019 to 2023.

Your return to APC should serve as an eye-opener to all Nigerians that politicians are a selfish lot in pursuit of nothing but personal aggrandizement; and that both the APC and PDP are same evil coin of oppression.

Head or tail, they both have nothing to serve other than affliction. And if affliction will not rise the second time, it would be through our decision to courageously shun both parties and embrace a new way forward.

Sir, God has been merciful to you and the land has been gracious beyond what your name should command. It’s now time to engage in something meaningful!

Chief David Oluwafemi Adewunmi Abdulateef omo Fani-Kayode, I wish you the best that the only political party built on Islamic jurisprudence in Nigeria has to offer.

A party that is openly supporting foreign jihadists against his people under the guise of Fulani herdsmen. May this decision not erase whatever is left of your father’s name in the South West and Nigeria at large.

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