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Chief Emeka Agbanari mansion in Nnobi

The world sees Nigeria as one of the poorest countries in the world, but ironically, Nigeria is a very wealthy country blessed in resources, wealthy people, educated people and many more.

Many of the richest people in the world are from Nigeria and it is very strange how people view the country as a poor one.

Notwithstanding, there are also several rich people in the country who are not known because they keep a low profile.

See some of the expensive collection of his cars

In the Southeastern part of Nigeria, wealth is attributed to your possessions, your mansions, cars, and your properties. Most importantly, you must go back to your village and build a mansion that will attract attention.

The Igbo make this a culture, and you must build regardless whether you reside there or you are based in the city. Hence, if you visit the southeastern part of Nigeria, one thing that is notable is the huge houses in interior villages.

Chief Emeka Agbanari with his classic Rolls Royce
Chief Emeka Agbanari in one of his living rooms

However, in this article we will be revealing to you this beautiful mansion in this article. The mansion you are seeing was built in Nnobi in Anambra state.

This is a kind of mansion you see in Dubai, America and the many big places of the world, but today, we have it in an interior place in Anambra State.

In details, it is owned by Chief Emeka Agbanari. Chief Emeka is the CEO of Seaman oil and gas limited.

The mansion is one of a kind and it is worth billions of Naira. The entire space and the properties including the cars in the mansion is worth extra billions.

A lot of us might be pondering why the billionaire will build this kind of mansion in his village, but as earlier said, to an Igbo man, it’s better building a home in your ancestral land than anywhere else.

We know you must have entertained your eye with the pictures above. In our next article we will be revealing to you one of the finest houses in Anambra state owned by another billionaire.

This is to prove the fact that Nigeria is blessed with many rich and wealthy men and the country shouldn’ t be categorized as a poor country.

Many people believe that it is because of the Northern Nigeria that contributed to the wide belief that Nigeria is poor. This could be true because the North is not well endowed, but for the southern part of Nigeria, if it were to be another country on its own, it would have been one of the richest countries in the world.

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