SHOCKING: “I’ll Unite All Terrorist Groups In The North Against Igbo, Yoruba If Kanu Doesn’t Dissolve ESN In 7 Days” —Yerima Shettima

Yerima Shettima

The leader of Arewa Youths group has given IPOB leader seven days to dissolve the Eastern Security Network or he do the unthinkable.

Yerima also berated the Yoruba leaders for supporting Nnamdi Kanu and promised to be ruthless against them when he finally leads his army.

In his words;

I have watched the video of the so called Eastern Security Network formed by Nnamdi kanu. I welcome this challenge and I will tell Nnamdi Kanu that he is a learner.

I will assemble my own warriors including all the terrorist groups operating in the north to be ready.

If after seven days, this so called Eastern security Network is not dissolved, then we will March to Igbo land.

As for the Yorubas who are the most stupid and treacherous tribe in Nigeria, we are going to see them in a dimensions they won’t imagine for this betrayals.

Seven days from now, Nigeria will become something else and we are ready for division but before then, we the northern warriors will show Igbos and Yorubas why we are being feared all over the world!

He stated.

14 thoughts on “SHOCKING: “I’ll Unite All Terrorist Groups In The North Against Igbo, Yoruba If Kanu Doesn’t Dissolve ESN In 7 Days” —Yerima Shettima

  1. Anonymous says:

    That man or devil called yerima shetima is not serious so he knows all the terrorist groups in Nigeria meaning he is the leader of all the terrorist groups in the north as a whole may God have mercy on him and his generation’s

  2. Onyema Uche says:

    Big mouth,no brain. I wonder who fears you in the world or which part of the world you’re feared. Come with your army and you will be consumed by the fire of a hurting generation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    May God forbid my son and his sons to have one country with this beast of a primate and his kinds.
    God please give us Biafra we are fed up with these threats , with millitacies , with Musslim riots , killings , beheadings , wars and wars.We want to live in Peace in Biafra.
    We are not Nigerians. We are Biafran Jews.
    Lord save your suffering Biafran Jews in Africa from Hausa Fulani Jihad.
    All Hail Biafra.

  4. Réal Fortune says:

    This so called Yerima is the most lunatic that need to be executed with immediate effects, modern Yoruba and Igbo will surprise you, this a prove that this lunatic is the main sponsorer of terrorism in Nigeria

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… Shit man we know you are the one behind the killings of your own people. You have exposed yourself enough. For your information ESN was created for people like you and your boys.

  6. Prince says:

    With these statements this rascal is not supposed to be left roaming about on our streets like the lunatic that he is. This is hate speech and the Government should please do the needful. Also he should know that no single tribe or group in Nigeria has the monopoly of rascality.

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