SHOCK: Nigerian Man Who Used Brother Being Tortured In A Viral Video For Collateral In Pakistan Revealed |The Republican News

There is a viral video of an Igbo man from Anambra state whose friend used as a collateral to collect goods from his Pakistani business partners. He was seen in the video being tortured by the Pakistanis and the man was pleading to his brother to come and pay the goods he collected.

The identity of the Igbo businessmen in question has been revealed to The Republican News by a very reliable source, who knew about every details of the transaction in question and the person in question. The source told us that the said person has been doing this to many people.

Mr Andrew Okwudili Muosa

The video seen below shows the man in agony pleading to his boss, who is actually his cousin whose identity has now been revealed to please come and pay the Pakistanis their money to secure his freedom.

The video of the torture of the Nigerian guy by Pakistanis
Video 2, where he gave 10th July as his day of execution

The man who collected the said goods is Mr Okwudili Andrew Muosa the son of Akazuougo from Umudim village in Akwaukwu in Idemili in Anambra. This man has been a habitual criminal and unreliable business conman, who is known for using deceptive tactics to obtain goods from his business partners and disappears thereafter.

In this very deal, he took a cousin from Nigeria and went with him to Pakistan and used him as a collateral to take goods on credit from the Pakistanis seen in the video torturing the unfortunate guy. The guy being tortured is unaware of the habit of this cunning businessman, whose plan was unknown to him.

Below and above are the photos of Mr Okwudili Andrew Muosa, who from The Republican News investigation sold and made huge profit from the goods he collected from the Pakistanis. Instead of Okwudili to pay for the goods, he lied to the Pakistanis that the goods were damaged and so opted not to pay for them and disappeared from their radar.

The essence of this information is to help inform this Mr Okwudili Muosa that he has been extremely wicked by what he has done to his brother and to abandon him to languish or even be killed in Pakistan is horrendously wicked.

But in the true version of the narrative, according to the investigation by the Republican News reporter, he made a lot of profits but used part of the money to purchase a brand new car. Since then, he has been living like a king with the remaining profit made from the good supplied to him.

Mr Andrew Okwudili Muosa

We appeal to people who know this Mr Okwudili Muosa from Idemili to pay the Pakistanis their money and secure the release of the brother in captivity. In the second video, the brother seen in the second telling Mr Okwudili Andrew Muosa that he is given until 10th of July before they will kill him. The Pakistanis pointed an AK-47 rifle on his head and made him repeat the date scheduled for his death, just for the records. Those Pakistanis also sent an extra video where a fellow Pakistani was fascinated just to send a message.

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