Dr Joe Onwumere, Lecturer At Umudike Tried To Rape Me, Ensured I Didn’t Graduate —Princess Sally Alleges

The victim: Princess Sally

This man frustrated my life.
God,  I don’t want to remember that incident….He was a pastor of deeper life in was my final year in school and he was assigned as my project supervisor.

One fateful day on a Saturday he called me that he came to school specifically for my project work, he wanted to thoroughly go through it.
He asked me to come to his office with my work and laptop….I hurriedly wore a skirt and top(Because he said no trousers should be worn to his office)

Little did I know the man had a hidden agenda, I came in greeted him cheerfully and sat down…he began saying he has been admiring me and he liked me and would want me to be meeting him at the hotel.
I laughed because I knew he was a pastor maybe he was testing me to see what I would say….the next thing he began closing doors and windows….I already said ahhhh this man is just kidding…. That’s how he went for my skirt….we fought effortlessly for it….

His stupid manhood standing erect and ready to penetrate…. I kicked him, punched him even though I was already on the ground. . I said this man will never have me…Never…!

Alas, he let hold of me and began preaching I should repent and stop wearing short skirts to his office…..God will punish that man (Doctor Joe Onwumere of ABM (Agribusiness and Management, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Abia State )

Well, my department people knew the story because I didn’t defend….I cried out my eyes that day begging him….everyone was seaching for me on the defense day but never knew I was in his office begging him to allow me defend.

And many other ladies have complained he did same thing to them….I can tag many of them here….But its well….He had a beautiful wife who was always covering everywhere…. Maybe that one wasn’t okay for him…he needed a fresher babe

He said he would never allow me graduate or serve….hmmmm it was terrible….I brought some people from the administration block to help talk to him…he ended up lying to them that I wasn’t serious and I was spreading rumours that he wanted to rape me.

I reported him to some lecturers but he kept lying against me and saying I should send him an SMS apologizing that I lied against him else I won’t graduate or serve…..He later called begging when he heard I was leaving the country….

He frustrated me that I didn’t defend my project because he refused to sign it and lied to anyone that cared to listen that I was lazy and didn’t bring my work on time for signing….I left my project work and everything for him and left the country).

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