Must Read: Germany Replies Buhari’s Gov’t With Indicting Letter Over Request To Prosecute Nuremberg Protesters

In a very indicting letter the German Foreign Minister replies to Nigerian government, calling it out for improvising the country and causing the mass migration of her citizens.

This letter is in response to letter from Buhari’s government requesting for the federal republic of Germany to prosecute those Nigerians who attacked former Senate deputy president, Dr Ike Ekweremadu in Nuremberg, Germany.

Below is the entire letter.

Heiko Maas
Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor
Federal Republic of Germany
Federal Foreign Office
Street address:
Werderscher Markt 1
10117 Berlin
Postal address:
Federal Foreign Office
11013 Berlin

August 20, 2019

Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari
President of Nigeria
Aso Rock,
Abuja FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Alhaji,
Subject: Request for prosecution of Nigerian political demonstrators in Nuremberg.
I find it extremely provocative and unusually undiplomatic when a government that has created the conditions that exiled its citizens demands the same people’s prosecution by the host country for demanding justice and justice from its government officials.
Germany is a democratic country that grants asylum to refugees from all over the world. Freedom of association and the right to political protest are the right of all persons resident in Germany. I, Heiko Maas, have been doused by my voters with rotten eggs and tomatoes. It comes with the office. No protester was shot dead, imprisoned, killed or deported.
Every day, my ambassador to Nigeria, Bernhard Schlagheck informs me of the atrocities Fulani terrorist Herdsmen committed against unarmed, innocent Nigerians as part of an ethnic cleansing program and eventual rug- nization of Nigeria. These atrocities include abductions, rape, torture, mutilation, slaughter and evisceration. Obviously, the demonstrators have enough.
The German Government will respond to your request to prosecute the demonstrators who have requested their representative to do his work in Nigeria as soon as you have your Fulani terrorists detained.
If Senator Ike Ekweremadu has not slept at the workplace and performed his duties as a representative of his constituents, his constituents in Nigeria will eat Yam and not eat Yam in Germany. Yam roots do not grow in Germany. Creating a suitable environment in Nigeria would lead to a brain drain that would significantly accelerate development in Nigeria.
If my ambassador in Nigeria confirms that the Fulani terrorists have been appeased, I am glad to advise the Nigerians in Germany to politely treat Nigeria dignitaries. Political protest is not a criminal offense in Germany.

Yours sincerely,
Heiko Maas

Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of the
Federal Republic of Germany

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7 thoughts on “Must Read: Germany Replies Buhari’s Gov’t With Indicting Letter Over Request To Prosecute Nuremberg Protesters

  1. NorahDelannoy says:

    That was a very good reply from
    Germany. Shame on you Buhari and his cohorts. Shame on all Nigerian leaders. I hope you have taken note of what Democracy is all about

  2. Arisa Gladys says:

    This is a sign than that there is a limit to the elasticity of the people’s endurance with bad governance. This warning is timely.

  3. Buhari says:

    Can’t you see how stupid you all have become in that zoo, called Nigeria?…Do you think that everybody will reason as foolish as you are reasoning, calling on the German government to prosecute people who’re demanding of what belongs to them, can’t you see where it has brought you to, fools? Continue to disgrace yourselves, idiotic and most backward, shameless people on earth, useless and senseless bozos. Continue writing to foreign communities to prosecute people who’re demanding for their rights. Aren’t you ashamed that another country is helping you, idiots to provide jobs to your citizens? Lifeless and brainless animals in humans. Isn’t it time to fix the country to avoid yourselves being disgraced abroad or would you prefer to be disgraced instead of fixing the country?

  4. Tj Omoba says:

    The world knows what Nigerian citizens are going through, it is the right time to unite and decide the time of country once and for all, any president that could not show a sign of positive change in one year should be show the way out, its the poor man life that is at stake.

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