The Igbo, Not Fulani-led FG, Nor English Establishment Is Responsible For My Ordeal —Adeyinka Grandson

Let me take the opportunity to explicate to you about my arrest, interrogation and release by the Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command on the 6th August 2019.

The Ibo members of IPOB, disguised as members of the public, selected 40 of the 400 videos I have created for my YouTube channel and passed them to the London Metropolitan Police. 17 of the 40 videos alluded to organized violence regarding the public course of actions of the Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF), a conservative youth organization established in 2012 to take Yorubaland out of Nigeria, for which I am the President.

The Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command was concerned about the zeal of the YYF to use chemical and biological weapons to defend the Yoruba’s civilization and arrested me for interrogation.

I adverted to the letters written by me to President Trump, the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the CIA to extend military support to the Yoruba nation whilst impressing it on the Fulani’s led Federal Government to agree to a return to the regional government as negotiated among the three major ethnic groups before independence of 1960. These letters contributed in no small measure to my bail.

In spelling out the political realities in Nigeria, the Ibo nation and her criminally minded people must stop their propaganda around the Biafraud agitation. The Young Yoruba now knows that it is the desire of the Ibo that Nigeria remains a country under the fraudulent unitary system. The bad news for the Ibo is that the unitary system will cease soon.

The minority Fulani must also appreciate that the unitary presidential system is about to end for good. And that the influence of the self-serving career politicians in England is being eroded in view of the developing relationship between the Yoruba and United States of America.

If the Ibo and Fulani do not wish for Yorubaland to secede from Nigeria, then they must agree to the regional government as negotiated before Nigeria’s independence in 1960. If they do not wish for a return to the regional government, then they must agree to the Yoruba’s control of the presidency of Nigeria forever. Anything otherwise will lead to another civil war and the Yoruba nation will receive the support of the government and the good people of the United States of America. This, we have been reassured.

In the meantime and pending the outcome of the Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command investigation, Gbenga, the Vice President of YYF, has assumed the position as the substantive President of the Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF). He will give subsequent directives in regards of the YYF and the issues before the Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command.

Adeyinka Grandson
London, England.
Friday, 9th August 2019.

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One thought on “The Igbo, Not Fulani-led FG, Nor English Establishment Is Responsible For My Ordeal —Adeyinka Grandson

  1. Biafran rabbi says:

    To God be the glory for all things! May I also remind you,Adeyinka grandson and others that as the Lord God Almighty lives, General ADEYINKA and others( living or dead) with their families, tribes and nations that killed the innocent Igbos in millions shall surely pay with their blood. You have the freedom of speech to say anything about the Igbos but be informed that this death games started by the Yorubas and hausa Fulani must surely consume you all including the unborn generations. Yes, you do not know and will never know what the Lord God has in place( plans) for you all which under oath can only be over at the coming of Christ Jesus . If the Lord delays for next millennium, half or quarter shall Igbo/ Biafra be upon the necks of Hausa fulani Yorubas. I pity little rat for much ignorant of what is going on and ahead of you all. # Biafra republic rising# Israel rising # zoo Nigeria and Cameroons must be burnt down

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