Iwuanyanwu To Miyetti Allah: “Don’t Take Our Silence For Weakness” |The Republican News

Engr Eammanuel Iwuanyanwu, leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association

Elder statesman and former Biafran activist, Emmanuel Iwuayanwu, has broken his silence on the proposed establishment of a vigilante group in the South East, by an association of Fulani cattle breeders, also known as Miyetti Allah.

Iwuayanwu told Daily Sun, in Owerri, yesterday, that such proposal is an insult to Ndigbo and also, warned that the zone will resist any form of colonisation.

“This is an insult to Ndigbo! We advise them not to dare it; our people have been subjected to all sorts of treatment but we can not endure colonisation now because what they are asking of means taking over our land.

“If they come in, it means that they would be armed with AK-47 rifles. Every town in Igboland is very hospitable to other tribes. Everywhere we go, we have never shown any hostility, neither have we brought up the idea of any vigilante to guard our people,” Iwuayanwu said.

The elder statesman, who added that he had seen it all, during the civil war, however, warned the Fulani cattle breeders to swallow their words before it degenerates to another civil war.

Although Iwuayanwu emphasised that the zone is not afraid of the constant threats of Miyetti Allah, he warned them to desist from further actions.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us, but, some group of people in the country should stop behaving as if they own the country.

“Certain ulterrances are capable of disintigrating the country. Therefore, we should learn to live together; as brothers and sisters in one nation. We want to let them know that Igbo have youths, too, capable of defending the Igbo Heartland.
“If they regard our silence as weakness, they are making a big mistake. We appreciate the current peace between the cattle breeders and our people but, on the proposal of a vigilance group to be set up in our land, this dimension is a very dangerous dimension,” Iwuanyanwu said. (Daily Sun)

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