BREAKING: Togolese Mob Attack Igbo Businessmen, Their Businesses At Assyeye Market Hezrenawoe

Images from the scene o the attack showing bloody victims

There was a widespread attack on the Nigerian businesses mostly owned by businessmen of Igbo extraction in a case that is related to an individual business guy and his Togolese girlfriend.

The incident started with an Igbo youngman who is a boyfriend to a Togolese girl. They have been friends for long. So, it happened that they had issues that resulted to a fight and both of them sustained injuries.

Actually, the Togolese girl wanted to stab the Igbo boyfriend with a knife, but the boyfriend overpowered her, all these happened at the boyfriend’s house early hours of Monday, 17 June.

The girl ran out and called some thugs, who came to the compound where the Igbo boy lives, fortunately for the boyfriend he heard the news and sneaked out of the house. When the thugs who couldn’t find the boyfriend now started breaking into the houses of all the Igbo boys living in that compound, they tied them and began to beat them, until the attention of the police was called and they intervened.

Allegedly, their plans were to kill those 4 Igbo youngmen, now when they couldn’t succeed, they gathered more thugs and headed to the main market (Assyeye Marche Hezrenawoe), where the Igbo people do their businessess.

According to eyewitness Daniel Ukoha, who shared this story with The Republican News, he said: “today being Monday was our main market day, so they entered the market and began to harass Igbo businesses, not until the police intervened again”.

“We ran and so many people lost their belongings including goods not to talk of those that got injured.

“This has been their practice, each time they heard any rumours about the Igbo and the rest of the Nigerians in Togo. They wouldn’t find out the truth they will begin to molest every Igbo or Nigerian they set their eyes on.

“Nigeria governmnt needs to intervene so that we can do our business without disturbance again from these mobs who harass us on every occasion they find conducive for their mob attack on Nigerians”

The news reaching The Republican News today, June 19 is that the boys attacked by these mob are undergoing serious medical treatment in the hospital as photos below could show.

victims of the Togolese mob attack

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