IKENGA SUPER CARS: Inspiration From Igbo Culture They’re Told To Abandon

By Uba Acho

While the Igbo were taught to bind and cast every spirit of Ikenga. While they tagged Ikenga idol and paganism. While you burn and destroy ancient Ikenga figures and shrines. Those who brought you the Bible, Christianity and taught you that Ikenga is evil and diabolical were studying Ikenga principles, got inspired and built one of the most sophisticated super cars in history, and even named it Ikenga.

IKENGA super cars, had a very super streamlined body that would give it enormous speed and very little drag, which would make it consume far less fuel than its counterparts.

“At the time it was built, the Ikenga was one of the most advanced vehicles ever produced. Designed by David Gittens and built by Charles Williams, the Ikenga was dubbed by Car and Driver magazine the “Worlds Wildest Street Racer”.

Inspired by Igbo culture of Eastern Nigeria, the Ikenga series was built from 1967-1969. The futuristic cars featured closed circuit television, a foldaway steering wheel and Gucci luggage in the trunk. The last news on the Ikenga is that a Middle Eastern Prince purchased it. Its current location is unknown.

Culture and tradition and people’s belief system not only meant to create sense of spiritualism, they also inspire creativity, innovative prowess and more.

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