Photo: Ex-Queen, Nneka Onwuzuluigbo, Dies During Buttocks Enlargement Surgery By American Surgeon

by Alex
An American Surgeon based in Lagos Nigeria has taken to her heels after killing a Nigeria Beauty Queen in a failed fat transfer surgery for buttocks and hips enlargement. The Face of Democracy Transformation 2013 Winner Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam has died on February 3rd after a 31days coma from December 30th when the surgical operation has proceeded.
According to investigations by ATTENTION MAGAZINE, The American uncertified Surgeon, Dr. Anu proceeded on the fat transfer surgery at her Med Contour Cosmetic Surgery after having several cases and records of surgery failures and complications. In fact, recently two top Lagos Big Babes have been victims of her misplaced professional ethics and operations, which led to an improper shift of their buttocks during the surgeries conducted by Dr. Anu.
The surgery went soar, when fats that where meant to be transferred to her hips got into her lungs and caused her to drift into coma, even after she was immediately rushed to Vedic Hospital in Lekki, where she was placed on life support, before she was transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, which was where she died 32 days after while in coma.
The organizer of Face of Democracy Nigeria Pageant, Alexander Ajagbonno has expressed regrets and bitterness over the loss of Queen Miriam Onwuzuligbo, who was the 2nd runner-up in the 2013 edition of Face of Democracy Nigeria, an outcome which the deceased refused to accept claiming that she merited the 1st crown.
She dragged the organizers to court for legal interventions until last year when the case was finally dismissed. The death of Queen Miriam may be disheartening, but also a lesson to other young ladies, who would not carry out critical research in a particular clinic before engaging them in such sensitive services.
The American citizen, Dr. Anu has had several professional scandals, ranging from poorly conducted surgeries to complications as a medical practitioner.
However, since the last failed surgery on Queen Nneka, she halted all activities on social media including her 43k followers Instagram handle @med_contour, where she used to post frequently. Research shows that she may be in hiding.  
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One thought on “Photo: Ex-Queen, Nneka Onwuzuluigbo, Dies During Buttocks Enlargement Surgery By American Surgeon

  1. Victoria Oska says:

    Dr Anu is not an American citizen. She is a Nigerian nurse posing as a surgeon. She was an employee of Med Contour. She was an assistant to the surgeons performing the surgery but took it upon herself to pose as a surgeon and big note herself as a surgeon. She cannot be an American citizen as she is a Nigerian citizen who studied nursing in Ghana. Her real name is Anuwalopo Adepoju. She is an imposter and a danger to society commtting a fraudlent act of medical malpractice. Instagram handle was Sisi_Anu. Her mother is a police woman in Lagos Nigeria. Her mother may be hiding her daughter some where or Anu may have fled to Ghana. She needs to be caught before she starts to operate again and kill another poor young woman. This eoman is all about vanity and not about humanity. Greed is her motive for success and will do anything to achieve it. Hope this information clarifies the false image she tried to portray about her self. She has two children a girl and a boy hy different fathers. The mother may be looking after them while she is on the run.

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