SHOCKING: Dangote Refinery, A Curse To Its Host Community In Lagos |RN

On 10th of August 2018, uniformed men of the Lagos State task force attacked the people of Okun Idasho community in Ibeju Lekki. They destroyed homes, businesses, vandalised cars, set the town ablaze, firing shots, went to the home of our family head ( Baba Olopa) an elderly man, beat him up mercilessly and whisked him off to an unknown destination. Baba is still missing!
Idasho community is host community to the ongoing project Dangote Refinery.
I have made a number of posts in the past reporting continuous serial acts of injustices being dished out to our people in the Idasho Area.
In the past Lagos State government in connivance with the Obas(Yoruba) and (Yoruba) local politicians of that place inappropriately grabbed and deprived the people of over 15 villages of their ancestral lands and gave thousands of hectares of our land to (Hausa Fulani) Dangote and Dantata companies and to their international allies. They stole the bulk of the land without due process and without compensations to the rightful owners.

Hausa Fulani peasants already almost outnumber the Ijebu people living there and can easily wipe them out in the case of a skirmish. Already there have been clashes resulting in loss of lives before now and they Hausa Fulani already indulge in local politics amongst themselves to appoint Seriki of Idasho, youth leader of Idasho etc!
The missing Baba Olopa had been in the forefronts of resistance against the injustices against our people now he is being punished for protecting his people.
The people have lost all their lands the last portions of lands on which they built their homes by the sea where they carry out their lowly economic activities for survival and lively hood is being finally taken from them.

If these people are displaced where will they go?
The Dangote Refinery that should be a blessing to these people has become a curse for them!
This is once more a typical case of your government, obas and political representatives turning out to be your worst enemy for these recent attacks were said to have been ordered by
the LCDA chairman Barrister Mukadasi Ogidan.   (Sycamoretimes)

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  1. deri says:

    Yorubas hardly care for their tomorrow provided there is money to be made—they can sell their own mothers-that is what tinubu did to his people

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