Mass Killings: There’s Nothing I Can Do, Fellow Nigerians, Let Us Pray – Buhari |RN



Gyang Bere, Jos

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to pray fervently to God to bring the country out of the current prevailing security challenges.

He noted that the Federal Government will ensure absolute justice over those that were killed in Plateau and other parts of the country.

Buhari disclosed this on Tuesday when he visited Plateau State on the recent killing of over 150 persons by Fulani herdsmen in eleven communities of Barkin-Ladi and Riyom Local Government Areas of Plateau State.

The President was accompanied on the visit by the governors of Kebbi, Atiku Bagudu, and Niger Sani Bello state. Others were the ministers of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, Interior, Abdulrahman Danbazzau, Information, Lai Muhammed and the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.

“There is nothing I can do to help the situation except to pray to God to help us out of the security challenges. What has happened is a very bad thing, the bottom line is that justice must be allowed to take its course.

“Fulani herdsmen are used to carrying sticks during grazing but the herders of this days carry AK47, anybody caught with a weapon should be arrested.”

Buhari urged the leadership of various communities in the state to help in controlling the security problems, saying that the people must imbibe the spirit of tolerance to live together.

He insisted that his administration would continue with its campaign promises of tackling insecurity, corruption and economic recovery in the country to enthrone affordable living condition for the citizens.

Buhari extends condolence on behalf of the Federal Government to those who lost their loved ones and pray to God to grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

The President reiterated the commitment of Federal Government to collaborates with the security agencies in tackling insecurity in the country.

Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong, said the visit of the President is apt as it provides the opportunity of the people to open up the grief in their hearts concerning the gory killings in the state.

Lalong said the current attack is disturbing and alarming as its leftover 200 person death while several communities have been displaced.

“This current attack, your Excellency Mr President, is very disturbing and alarming because it has left behind in its ugly trail the painful loss of over 200 people, besides the humanitarian challenges confronting thousands of displaced persons whose houses and crops have been burnt and completely destroyed.

“Mr President, our Government has made it clear and you have eloquently stated that you will continue to protect and preserve the sanctity of life. Agents of destabilisation are however he’ll be bent on making nonsense of the success you have achieved in dealing with internal security threats to our corporate existence as a nation.

“Mr President, given the number of villages that have been completely ravaged, I wish to re-echo the earlier request we made as a state for the Emergency Special Intervention Fund to help us reconstruct our ravaged communities”

He said that burning of places of worship during the attack was worrisome and called on every Nigerian to condemn such actions as it is capable of driving the country into religious war.  (The Sun)


2 thoughts on “Mass Killings: There’s Nothing I Can Do, Fellow Nigerians, Let Us Pray – Buhari |RN

  1. Olalekan,ob says:

    Since the President CAN NOT perform the most important requirement of the Constitution, he must RESIN immediately, and give way to others to perform

  2. The kingdom of God suffer violence and the violent takes it by force.

    Violent people are believers who insist with unshaken believe on God’s way for the stand for their life.

    Abolishing worldly traditions and customs that expose humanity to disobedience to God.

    The wages of sin of disobeying God’s instruction to manifest his kingdom on earth is death.
    this is why there is so much killing ,death, accident ,disease happening now.
    the disobedient people will keep meeting face to face with the angels of death in accident, diseases killings.
    but people who are ready to embrass the cross of Jesus for their sins of disobedience will be saved.
    this is religious war its spiritually remoted by the activities of forces of good and evil,light and darkness ,day and night ,truth and lies,believer and unbeliever
    Once this two forces stop coexisting peace will begin to reign amongst the believers and fight amongst the unbeliever will continue as they continue in their unbelieve.
    that is why quest for peace and justice is not peace in itself its war until this opposing forces are separated from coexisting we will start enjoying peace again for people who want peace.

    Its not a thing our material worldly acquisition can do for you.

    You must be willing to follow instruction from God by embrassing the cross of Jesus for your sins of not listening to God
    Instructions warnings one religion for all.

    The rossary help direct the path of a righteous man and woman away from war zone to places of peace.

    Say your Rosary’s always in this hours of sudden death in religion war from forces of darkness.
    Its not a fight of physical weapon like guns but spiritual weapons like the rossary.

    May God help us in Jesus name Amen.
    God bless Oraukwu, Anambra state ,Nigeria the favored location in the kingdom of God.
    The new Jerusalem.
    God bless the catholic faith for their effort in prayer in mass service and rossary in this difficulty hours of humanity life.

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