Medical Experts Explain Diets That Boost Men’s Fertility |The Republican News


Two medical experts in Lagos on Thursday advised men who are trying to impregnate their wives to eat healthy as this may help increase fertility chances.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria in separate interviews that what goes into the stomachs of many men could help their wives conceive faster.

A Diet Consultant at Solomon Conception, Lagos, Mr John Adigwe, said research showed that only women are cautious of food that could boost their fertility and men should also take such precautions.

“These days there are many men out there struggling to impregnate their wives, not knowing that the food they eat, most times, has a direct impact on the effectiveness of their sperm.

“Research shows that eating a poor diet and regular intake of alcohol, for instance, can lower the quality and quantity of sperm and make conception more difficult.

“Since infertility is nearly as much as a man’s issue as a woman’s, about a third of fertility problems can be traced to men too.

“Men often did not think their own habits could influence the chances of conception and were reluctant to seek medical advice when struggling with infertility.

“Men usually rely on women to seek medical advice but they don’t know that they both need it.

“Men’s diet should be a bit as balanced, varied, and nutritious as their partner’s, a healthy diet including plenty of fish, vegetables, fruits and whole grains gives more active and healthy sperm.

“They should also consume fibre-rich foods, healthy monounsaturated fats, and moderate amounts of lean protein.

“Eat food that is rich in zinc, omega 3 and fatty acids as they increase testosterone, sperm counts and improve sexual organ function.

“Citrus fruits, tomatoes, and berries which are rich in  Vitamin C boost sperm quality.

“Carrots, red pepper, apricots are rich in Vitamin A and they keep sperm from sluggishness,” he said.

Also, a Sex therapist, Dr Aminu Kazeem, of Energy for Sex Clinic, Lagos, advised anyone trying to start a family to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the hope of increasing the chances of success.

“Nutritious foods, healthy diets, exercises can help boost fertility.”

He also advised them to visit a gynaecologist for proper conception check.


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