Danjuma’s Outburst: Buhari Should Declare National State Of Emergency – Miyetti Allah


President Buhari and TY Danjuma

The Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) in their resolution asked the president to declare a national state of emergency over the call for self-defence by the retired army chief, Lt Gen. Theophilus Yakubu Dajuma.

The group had this to say in their resolution, which is seen by many as a declaration of war against the rest of the country.
President On behalf of the Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM) we express our RESOLUTION as adopted today on the state of the nation.

( 1) We observe with great concern the continuous demonisation of the Fulani people by some recalcitrant ethnic groups in Nigeria. We see the outburst of General Theophilus Danjuma who was brought up and fed by the Fulani, as an extension of the hate against the Fulani people.

( 2)We call on the President, Mohammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency in Nigeria. This follows the obvious threats against the Federal Government as demonstrated further late last week when former Chief of Army Staff, Theophilus Danjuma called on Nigerians to take up arms against a constituted authority led by a Fulani President Buhari has the legal right to act now before it is too late.

(3) The statement of Gen Danjuma is nothing but a direct call to arms. He is fuelling anger and rage against the President for nothing other than that the President is a Fulani man. 3) We urge President Buhari to see this as a direct assault on Nigeria as a sovereign state and an assault on the Fulani people all over the world.

(4) We have said it several times that the Middle Belt people cannot be trusted, either Christian or Muslim. They are the same with their Southern collaborators who do not see anything good in Fulani but rather to exterminate us.

(5) It should be clear to any reasonable person that Nigeria as a country cannot have too many masters. Every country is usually endowed with those saddled with political power and those saddled with economic power.

The Fulani do not contend the economic power with Southerners and their new found allies in the Middle Belt. What we reject is the plot to exterminate the Fulani from the economic front and then made to be subservient on the political field.

In 1804, politically Nigeria would have been our own booty but for the intervention of the British. We call on Fulani all over the world to prepare for the coming battle. We have to settle this contest once and for all. Either you are a Muslim or Fulani Christian minority,

Nigeria is the only country in the world where we are in control of the political machinery. To give up this country will amount to a betrayal of Fulani all over the world. It will amount to humiliation; it will amount to suicide. Negotiating political power with those who have no honour and culture is a weakness. We should rise and assert ourselves. The time is today; tomorrow may be too late.

( 6) General Buhari has failed to produce the firm leadership required. Retaining military hardware in the Middle Belt pose threat to national stability. We say again that it is time to move all the military hardware from enemy territories of the Middle Belt.

The time for half-measure is not now. Fulani all over is being killed and massacred. In Mambilla, over 1000 Fulani were killed in cold blood. Our movement is being restricted, yet we are Nigerians who do not and have never restricted the movement of anyone.

(7) We call on all Fulani to prepare for the Jihad. This is the basis of the anger of the poor people in the North today against their politic leaders. They are angry that politicians have failed them. They are angry that instead of defending the Fulani, they are busy supporting those against Fulani, dining and wining with infidels.

These are the factors responsible for the rise of radical Islam. The political leaders should either take the bull by the horns and damn the consequences or the ordinary Fulani poor will and can do it by themselves. Enough of ostrich game.

Signed on behalf of FUNAM
Badu Salisu Ahmadu
National President and
Umar Amir Shehu

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