Nigerian Girl Quits Relationship With Boyfriend Who Eats Human Feces For Success In Online Fraud


Human feces

By Ike A. Offor

A Nigerian girl has shocked the Nigerian online community with a very disturbing confession from her date, who apparently eats human feces, recommended by native doctors, for success in online scam, known as Yahoo Plus.

Barbie Ulonna who posted the narrative of ordeal to Rant HQ, a Nigerian group forum on Facebook, shocked many readers with her story.

In her own story as posted in the Facebook group she belongs to:

I posted a story sometime ago, about kissing someone I just started dating and when I got home, I had sores all over my gum, I didn’t think it was something serious since the first sore went away after 2 days.

Well, reading comments here made me really scared, some people suggested I had herpes, so I had to rush to the hospital the next day…. Doctor ran a check on me, and thankfully, it wasn’t herpes but oral thrush..

Now, here’s the main gist…

I visited le boo (now ex boyfriend or date), with the intention of discussing what I noticed with him, and to know what he actually eats that causes me to have those sores.
On my way to his house, I perceived a very awful smell at just outside the gate, I felt that it’s normal refuge smell, so I didn’t take it to mean anything.

Few minutes after I visited, his friend also came visiting, and we were all just in the parlour (living room) gisting, before the power outage. Lee boo went to turn on the generator and his friend went with him, I also decided to go to the kitchen to find something to drink, that was when I overheard their discussion.

My people, it turned out Lee boo was telling his friend that the last excreta (shit or feces) they brought was smelling very terribly, he said he just managed to use little amount to eat bread and then threw away the remaining in the neighbour’s trash. His friend was laughing and then told him to just tell the guys that bring it not to bring the one that smells too much.
I fainted and woke up, I couldn’t believe my ears, what????

He was into Yahoo plus???? I don’t understand, I know where he works and besides, I wasn’t even dating him for money, I was devastated, it didn’t make sense, why would he be involved in such?

Anyway, I quickly ran back to the parlour, sat down and pretended not to have heard anything. As soon as he came out, I just told him I needed to go, he was surprised because I only just got there. But, I gave one excuse and he let me go, with promise I was to see him the next day. He saw me off to the car and I drove off, that’s the last time I’d ever see set my eyes on him again, thank God he doesn’t know my house. God forbid bad thing.

I’m still petrified, may God save us ladies from evil ooh, there’s a lot out there, one can’t be too sure anymore.

But you see, before I date anybody again; he has to do HIV test, mouth swab, mental check and spiritual check. I’m done with relationships for now.

This was the recount by Barbie Ulonna to her Facebook group about dating a guy who eats human feces for success in online scam known as Yahoo Plus. it is really inconceivable and must be shocking to many readers.

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