Herdsmen killings: We Are Middle Belt Not North Central, Says Dr Wayas |RN

Felix Ikem, Nsukka

Against the backdrop of the incessant killings of indigenes of Benue state by suspected Fulani herdsmen, one of the leaders of thought in the state, Dr. David Wayas, has demanded that the state be removed from North Central geopolitical designation.

In a chat with Daily Sun in Nsukka, he explained that the time had come for the federal government to remove Benue state from North Central geopolitical designation, since the state has more common with the south-east and south-south zones than the northern part of the country.

Giving his reasoning, Dr. Wayas said:

“We are middle belt and should be so called. Benue state people voted massively for Buhari and expected that there will be peace in this country. But what we see is a different thing. So, we cannot answer that name, north central, because we are middle-belters. Our brothers are treating us like middle-belters and so, we cannot answer north central.”

“Our people are in pain. That’s why some of us in academics are speaking out against this condemnable act. Many of them have lost dear ones, valued property and farms. You know the state is the food basket of this nation and with the situation, we will suffer it sooner than later.

In his words, “what is going on in Benue state is a calculated design by those who feel that Benue state is a problem. Those who are carrying out this heinous act are known to the state, but the state is incapacitated to act.”

Dr. Wayas who is also a principal member of Concerned Benue Indigenes Resident in Eastern Nigeria, and also a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, called on the International community to come to the
rescue of the state so as to avoid total annihilation of the state by the Fulani herdsmen.

“We are calling on the international community to come to our rescue from the deadly clutches of these Fulani herdsmen who are killing our people. We cannot continue to die like this. Something has to be done about this.

Dr. Wayas called on his people to remain calm and desist from taking to violence in retaliation.   (The Sun)

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