Emmanuel Eboue Hired By Galatasary As Youth Coach After Financial Melt Down |RN


Emmanuel Eboue

Emmanuel Eboue, who had recently made shocking revelations that he was on the brink of suicide due to financial troubles, is reported to have been drafted as an assistant coach for Galatasaray Sports Club.
The Ivorian footballer played for the Turkish club between 2011 and 2016, but has lately suffered financial reversals that have brought him, he said, to the brink of suicide – following the confiscation of his assets due to poor investments and his expensive divorce from his Belgian ex-wife, Aurélie.

As a result of his current plight, the Yellow-Red fans started an online petition under the #Eboue hashtag.

Galatasaray’s legendary names, Hasan Şaş and Necati Ateş, also lent their support to the cause of the fallen star, who had reached out to his former clubs for assistance.

Galatasaray is said to be extending Eboue a helping hand, a message that spread quickly across Turkish media.

It has been indicated that the Yellow-Reds would be hiring Eboue as an assistant coach for the team’s U14 youth squad. During this time he’ll remain at the club’s Florya facilities and will be retained as a salaried employee.

(Source: Milliyet)

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