Holiday Season: FCT Police Warn Commerical Sex Workers Against Ritualists, Other Criminals


From: Molly Kilete, Abuja

Following the incessant cases of murder especially of young women in the Federal Capital Territory(FCT), the police have warned commercial sex workers operating the city to be weary of those who patronise them.

Divisional Police Officer (DPO), in charge of the Garki Police Station, Yahaya Jelani Jega, who gave the warning, said it has become necessary following incidences of recovered bodies of young women killed by unknown persons and dumped on the streets by the killers.

Jega, in an interview with Daily Sun, said for some time now, there has been incidences of ritual killings especially of young women  where the police are called to scenes and that most of the victims were found to be commercial sex worker.

He, therefore, advised women in the trade on the need to be vigilant and get certain information about the people they end up with before embarking on the journey of no return.

Said he, “Commercial sex workers should be careful with who they deal with so they don’t become victims of ritualist, kidnapers and other criminals because we have been recording cases of dead bodies of young women on the streets of Abuja.

“They must try to get the identity of who they follow and pass such information to their friends who will then give the information to the police in the event that they are murdered.

“That way, the police will be able to carry out a proper investigation and get these murderers arrested and prosecuted”. He said.

Jega, in the interview, also alerted resident of the FCT, of new ploy by criminals who now use uncompleted buildings to their operational bases.

He said from these uncompleted buildings, the criminal go out and terrorise innocent residents, rob them of their valuables and even use dangerous weapons inflicting bodily injuries on them.

He, therefore, urged residents to be vigilant by reporting any suspicious movement and persons to the police to reduce the cases of crime in Abuja.  (The Sun)

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