Nanny Cuts Off Baby’s Hand Allowes Her To Bleed To Death Because Baby’s Parents Maltreated Her


The evil nanny and her baby victim

By Ike A. Offor

This is another horrendous news that makes one cringe with disgust and upsetting or churning stomach.

A house girl or housemaid killed her host family baby girl by chopping off the left hand of the less-than-a-year-old baby girl while her boss left home for an errand.

The reasons given by this nanny would blow the mind of anyone. According to the nanny, she was maltreated by her boss and that got her very furious and caused her to let out her fury on the barely one-year-old baby girl.

Parents must evaluate the way they take care of their children using babysitters and housemaids or whatever name they are called.  More incredible stories are emerging everyday that warrant re-evaluation of childcare by maids or nannies by their hosts or parents of the children they are meant to take care of.

The most excruciating trauma for anyone with sense of perception is the feeling of the horrendous pain and suffering this little angel went through before her untimely death in the hand of this evil nanny.

It is most painful to imagine how this little baby girl suffered reeling in pain and screams while she bled to death.

The question also is, how come no neighbour heard the unusual cry or scream of this little girl before she bled to death? Did he neighbours also ignored it as one of those usual baby screams or cry that are sometimes of no serious cause?

The world is getting scarier by the day and parents must be very cautious and re-evaluate the method through which they employ housemaids, nannies or whatever name they go by.

May the soul of this little angel rest in peace and the proper punishment doled out to the evil nanny.


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