Tithe: Nigerian GO, Ufuoma Apologises To Congregation For Collecting Tithe Over The Years

By Ike A. Offor


The general overseer of the Godist Church, Port Harcourt, Pastor Bernard Ufuoma has come out openly to acknowledge that collection of tithe from his congregants is indeed against the scripture, as he put it in his Facebook wall write-up.

The writer has known Bernard for some years and could attest that he is a very passionate preacher and founder of Godist Church.

Pastor Ufuoma has written and spoken out vigorously against the politics in Pentecostal church establishment, where politics takes the front seat when it comes to change of guard or general overseer, when or if the old one steps down or passes on.

He has as well spoken out about the demise of the founder of Olumba Olumba Obu, who claimed that he was God and will never age or die, but according to him, Obu grew old and died and his burial was shrouded in secrecy. He said “the handsome first son of the founder Roland Obu and his  sister Ebum Obu are now fighting for the control or leadership of the Olumba Olumba Obu, OOO.

In his passionate and open apology to his followers, Pastor Bernard Ufuoma declared that Daddy Freeze has opened his eyes and he will henceforth not receive tithe in his church.

Here is his apology on his Facebook wall:

I repent for collecting tithes. As the GO of the Godist Church I declare tithing is unscriptural and unscrupulous and our ministry will no longer receive tithes. Daddy Freeze opened my eyes. I used to scare my members with Malachi 3:8 and honestly it invokes fear in them and they comply. Am so sorry for the manipulations.

-Bernard Ufuoma
(GO Godist Church PH)

He said that tithing is unscriptural and unscrupulous and his ministry will no longer receive tithe. He cited how the Holy book Malachi 3:8 is potently used to instil fear on congregants to psychologically cause them to give tithe.

Pastor Ufuoma apology on The Republican News Facebook page received some strong criticism from readers, and one of them was very harsh.

Mr Emman Arkney, had this to say to Pastor Bernard Ufuoma: “To Bernard Ufuoma, General Overseer. Godist Church, PH

Pls go and re-examine your calling as a pastor. From every indication, you are not a pastor. You do not have testimony of Christ as your Redeemer and Savior. You are a fraud. You must repent and be truly born again.

If in all your years of pastoring till you became a founder and general overseer of a church, you never had a right perspective of tithing, your ministry has more questions than answers. You do not have any moral justification to mount any alter of God to preach.

If you’re now convinced by a mere radio broadcaster that tithing is unscriptural, then you have a lot of restitution to make… return all the tithes you collected to their payers. In addition, you should return the tithes with 5%. It’s only then you can free yourself from guilt. If you fail to do so, anybody who sits under your ministration is under curse.”

Daddy Freeze seemed to have unleashed some barrage of ammunitions that could revolutionise the tithe-collecting churches.

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