BREAKING: Slave Auction In Libya: Charley Boy Group Occupies Libyan Embassy

From Magnus Eze, Abuja

A coaltion of civil society organisations comprising ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ led by musician turned activist, Charles Oputa, (a.k.a Charley Boy), Concerned Nigerians and Campaign for Democracy (CD) among others, will Thursday occupy the Libyan Embassy in Abuja.
A statement issued Wednesday night by the group said “We are horrified by the reports and footage of hundreds of Africans, including Nigerians, being sold into slavery by slave dealers in Libya as published by CNN and several other international media houses.

“These videos show men, women and children being sold for as little as $400. They also show the dehumanizing conditions in which these victims are kept, beaten, starved and killed.

“It is shocking to find that slave trade, a horrible part of African history which is best confined to our collective past and best studied to avoid a repeat, is being conducted so brazenly in these modern times.

“As part of efforts to condemn these acts of inhumanity, we shall be holding peaceful sit outs in front of the Libyan Embassy in Nigeria.”

The statement signed by Oputa, Deji Adeyanju, Bako Usman of CD and others urged the public to join forces with them to promote humanity and the dignity of the African person. (The Sun)

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