Nigerian Male Househelp Disguised As Female, Deflowered Four Daughters Of His Host, Impregnates Two

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Zenabou: Male househelp who disguised as female maid

By Ike A. Offor

This is a very disturbing narrative coming out of Nigeria, where a male househelp disguised as a female maid in order to have access to families with children.

This male pervert in his early adulthood decided to disguise as a girl to gain access to families with children and to work as a maid.

He obtained an identity card with a female name, Zenabou and was employed as a maid to a family with four daughters, which was a big mistake made by the parents of these girls.

He dresses up as a girl, with bra, female underpants, even a bikini to hide his manhood. A closer look to his picture, would reveal a female bikini, a female scarf tied around his waist.

He ties a scarf as a girl, which is a very common practice in a religious country like Nigeria, where women almost always covered their heads with all sorts of scarves.

Zenabou wears a bra, stuffed to create a protruding young breast of a young girl. He also wears female clothes to create a perfect female look.

He also trimmed or shaved his eyebrows, as it is commonly done by girls or ladies these days, which is used to create a perfect eyebrow makeup that is en vogue.

One could easily say that he even has some female facial outlook, and perhaps this helped to give him a perfect disguise as a female maid, which helped to fool the parents of the unfortunate family.

This pervert, Zenabou planned out carefully his lines of actions very well and has such numbing audacity to have carried out his trade in such spectacular fashion without feeling of guilt.


To demonstrate that he is purely for preying on little girls, he carried out his evil acts within three months of being employed by unlucky Nigerian parents with four little girls, among who are two who have reached puberty age.

After three months, all the four daughters of this Nigerian family were deflowered. Their virginity were cunningly taken away from them by the male househelp who disguised as a female housemaid.

The two other daughters who have reached their puberty were impregnated by this Zenabou, the pervert.

Though this narrative raises a lot of questions on how parents screen and employ househelps in Nigeria, it raises further question how parents access and assess those working for them in their house.

How did the mother and father of these children assess this male/female maid and what was her  or his relationship with him/her while working for their family? What sort of relationship do Nigerian families or parents have with their housemaids and how do they assess them or relate to them?

While it is not in our position to answer these questions, it is in our position to warn parents to be very careful who they employ as househelp, babysitters, or maids in their homes. They should do more to ascertain the true sex of their maids, or would-be-househelps. And the true identity and qulity of those they employ as househelps in their homes.

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They should leave no stone unturned when handling issues pertaining the welfare of their children.

We only hope that these children, both those who lost their virginity at such early age and the two who are now pregnant are well taken care of.

What a very painful way for one to lose children within the confines of one’s home. Sad, very sad indeed.



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