A Man Quits His Job To Go Travelling, And It Made Him A Millioniare |RN

by Rita Lobo

In Australia, Johnny got himself a conventional office job. But it wasn’t long before he got itchy feet again. It was during this time that his highly-successful blog, One Step 4ward, was born. By day, Johnny toiled and saved his income, and by night he wrote his blog and planned his next adventure. “Never again.” he wrote. “Life wasn’t meant to be lived in an office, working 5/7 days, asking bosses for permission to go on holiday.”

Back when I was building my brand I focused the blog on what people wanted to know, like ‘where to get drunk in Thailand’.” That way he could capitalize on search traffic. “Now that people know who I am, they are interested in the weird stuff that I do as well.” Indeed they are! Johnny has over 66,000 Instagram followers, and frequently partners with other brands as a bona fide digital influencer.


He headed to Zimbabwe to do some more travelling and that’s when blogging became his central occupation. He started making a few hundred pounds a month from advertising, then a few thousand.

“I started my company with a hundred bucks, and anyone can turn around tomorrow and start their own company too.” Johnny advises having patience, and build up your blog with content that you are passionate about. And give it time – no one makes money from blogging in the first six months. Johnny even teaches others how to do it.

Today, he heads up One Step 4 Ward Media, helping others create and run successful blogs. But for Johnny, the wealth and luxury are only part of the appeal. It’s about living a life of freedom. “I always thought there was a difficulty in making money while also remaining free,” he says. “You know, we’re always told that young people are cash poor but time rich, and as you get older it switches.” But he took the step to make sure he can enjoy life all the time.

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