BIAFRA: UN Delegation Led By Ibn Chambas Is Fake, Says MASSOB |RN


Mohamed Ibn Chambas

Carpets UN, Ohanaeze over ‘one Nigeria’ stance

From: Obinna Odogwu, Abakaliki

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), on Saturday, said that the United Nation’s team who reportedly met with the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo, in Enugu, and proclaimed the indivisibility of Nigeria was a fake group.

MASSOB says it only recognises an authentic UN leadership not tthe one that came to the country.

The UN delegation led by the Special Representative of the Secretary General in West Africa and the Sahara, Amb. Mohammed Ibn Chambas, had visited the Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo President General, Chief Nnia Nwodo and other principal officers of the Secret organisationation in his Enugu residence, where the world body proclaimed the indivisibility of Nigeria.

But reacting on the UN’s position, MASSOB leader, Uchenna Madu, in a statement issued to newsmen, in Abakaliki, described the UN team as fake group, insisting that the “authentic United Nations” does not support injustice and unfairness.

He expressly dismissed the position of the “so-called United Nations” team on the indivisibility of Nigeria as anti-fairness and justice.

“Though MASSOB have respect for Igbo elders, Ohanaeze Ndigbo as an Igbo socio political group are not agitating or canvassing for Biafra actualization and restoration. They should operate on their limits because the people of Biafra know their true leaders who represent them on issues of Biafra.

“Since the so called United Nations representatives meeting with Ohanaeze Ndigbo leadership borders on Biafra freedom and Nigeria’s disintegration, they would have involved the leading pro-Biafra groups which will bring huge respects and honour to their leadership in Igbo land” the statement said.

“It was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the so called United Nations representatives to Enugu neither was it Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the much clamour for restructuring and regionalism. Also, it was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the condemnation of anti-Igbo song of genocides from Hausa/Fulani by the real United Nations.

“It was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the condemnation of anti Biafra pogroms by the revered Pope of Catholic Church on the Islamic sponsored and systematic genocides against the people of Biafra from President Buhari led Nigeria Islamic government. It was not Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities that attracted the voluntary obedience to sit at home exercise by the people of Biafra on 30th May 2017 as a mark of respect for Biafra day celebration, all these eloquent achievements and feats were effectively achieved because of the non violence activities of MASSOB, IPOB and Biafra People National Council (BPNC),” the statement added.   (The Sun)

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