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President Muhammadu Buhari

By Emmanuel Clement

Rev. Divine Okwara, popularly known as De Prophetic Commander, is the the senior Pastor of Divine Prayers and Prophetic Ministries International. In this interview, he speaks about the state of the nation.

Nigeria at 57, any hope for this country?    

I congratulate and rejoice with all Nigerians for the peaceful independence celebration. There is hope for the country. You cannot give up on a country that still exists. Am complementing the effort of the president, but he needs to look very well on the power issue, I mean power supply, he needs to improve on it because it’s becoming alarming. We can’t celebrate 57 years without constant power supply, we can’t celebrate 57 years with lack of security in the country, and we can’t celebrate 57 years when the average Nigerian cannot boast of even one square meal a day.

Are you in support of Biafra agitation?

What would have happened to our unity if the Biafra agitators had succeeded in breaking away from Nigeria? What would have happened if the Arewa youth had carried out there ‘Igbo –must-go’ October 1st threat? We would have been in a state of war, and war doesn’t solve problems but dialogue does. I am not in support of Biafra agitation. Biafra agitation should stop. The best way to handle Biafra agitation is through a round table, dialogue with them since they feel they are not well treated. These people are hungry. Let the president do the needful by calling them to order, call the youth to order. He is a father, whenever children misbehave, the father calls them to order and caution them, they will listen to him. The president should tackle the issue as a father; anyone who is a president of a country is a father to all and not to some people. We should see ourselves as one in order to avoid a civil war or second world war. There should be a room for restructuring.

What is your assessment of the security situation in Nigeria?

Mr. President is doing the best he can do as a man, but the kidnapping is on a high side, they need to improve, people are no longer secure again in their house, they are scared, and people are dying every day. If there is security, foreign investors will come in and invest in this country. We need more of manpower and security. Nigerian police are trying their best but they need to improve more even Buhari can’t walk alone in a street they will kidnap him. In Asaba , I witnessed a case where the best of some women were cut off and their private part too, and left them on the street.

Recently peter obi said Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra state has failed the people of the state, what’s your take on that? 

Peter obi left a good legacy for Gov. Willie Obiano, when Gov Willie Obiano took over, he ate from his godfather. Let’s go to the history of Anambra State, light enters the city of Anambra State when Peter Obi was the governor. Before now, in Anambra State, there was no good road, security. You enter upper Iweka, your fellow brother will point gun at you and collect your phone, money, valuable things and nobody will do anything about it, but when Peter Obi came in, he sent them away and those people spoiling the road, he cleared the portholes and put street light.

On the issue of road and power, Peter Obi did very well in his time. Obiano is good as far as I am concern, I have not seen anything bad Obiano has done, he is not a failure, his intention for a second time is worth it, I support him. Our governor should encourage the ones that are trying. You need to see how Governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Emmanuel Udom talks good about the former governor, GodsWill Akpabio; he praises him for a job well-done. If Obiano is criticising Peter Obi, he is not doing the right thing, someone that helped him to power, he should not under estimate the power of a boss. If people are the ones advising him they are not doing well, if he has any issue with his boss he should reconcile with him, instead of criticising him. He should respect hierarchy; Obiano should know that he is a son to Peter Obi and so should not to castigate him.

Is it true that Nigeria is really out of recession?    

We are still in the recession, the masses are still crying but I think it is better than the earlier stage of President Buhari.

What is the forward to this nation?

Nigerians should come together as one, if the country is one, we will move forward. Together we can move mountain. Nigeria is a great country indeed.

What is your advice to Mr. President?

I will tell him to bring everybody together; one tree cannot make a forest. President Buhari cannot be everything and be in everywhere.    (The Sun)

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