How Kachikwu Has Been Sidelined By Aso Rock Cabal, He Writes To Buhari |RN


By Ike A. Offor

It has been rumoured severally that Aso Rock Fulani cabal has been running the country without rules and the consent of President Buhari. They have broken every protocol and sidelined whoever they choose to in their desperation to run the presidency the manner they choose fit.

These rumours are sometimes waived off as mere rumours without substantive facts and so, disregarded. But the excerpts from a memo from the Minister of State Petroleum and chairman of NNPC board, Dr Ibe Kachiwkwu glaringly demonstrates a big insubordination by NNPC GMD Mr Baru.

Kachikwu who has been clearly sidelined by the Fulani cabal wrote a letter to President Buhari lamenting bitterly of disrespect shown to him as the Minister of State petroleum and chairman NNPC board, who was never consulted in appointments and approval of such positions.

Glaringly, NNPC general managing director, Mr Baru sidelined the office of minister of state petroleum and chairman NNPC board in the recent controversial reshuffling which took place in NNPC.

Mr Kachikwu clearly stated in his memo that as in the previous reorganisations and repostings did by Dr Baru that he and members of the NNPC board were not consulted and he was not given the due opportunity to give his approval to the process.

The excerpt from the memo from Ibe Kachikwu to Muhammadu Buhari is embedded in the blockquote below.

“I have been unable to secure an appointment to see you (GMB) despite very many attempts.

“Like the previous reorganizations and repostings done since Dr Baru resumed as GMD, I was never given the opportunity before the announcements to discuss these appointments. This is despite being the minister of state petroleum and chairman NNPC board…Members of the board learnt of these appointments from the pages of social media and press release of NNPC.

“It is in the spirit of service and absolute belief in your leadership and integrity that I have, after one year of tolerating these disrespectful and humiliating conducts by the GMD, decided to bring this to your attention.”…

“My prayers are that we save the NNPC and the oil industry from collapse arising from the above non-transparent practices and empower the board you inaugurated to do the needful. That you save the office of the Minister of State from further humiliation and disrespect by compelling all parastatals to submit oversight regulatory mandate and proper supervision which I am supposed to manage on your behalf. 

“That you kindly instruct the GMD to effectively leave the NNPC to run as a proper institution and report out along due process lines to the board and that all reviews be done with the Minister of State prior to your decision. That to set the right examples, you approve the recently announced reorganisation and changes are suspended until the GMD, I and the board have relevant input to same”,

Another clear thing in minister’s memo to the President is his inability to see Muhammadu Buhari despite several attempts to do so. This also has been rumoured by several media that few elements within the cabal in Aso Rock do not allow people (ministers, governors, and others) to see the president.

It is an affront that a minister of state petroleum, a person of such very important position find it very difficult if not impossible to see Mr President. His office is indeed very vital due to the position of oil as the main source of revenue for Nigeria. Mistakes made in this sector always echoes in the entire economy of Nigeria.

It is obvious from a common inference that Ibe Kachikwu was deliberately sidelined and prevented from seeing President Buhari to air his grievances to that effect. That is double jeopardy indeed and something very serious if you ask me.

In conclusion, the rumour of the powerful cabal in Aso Rock is no longer a rumour but a debilitating fact, which needs urgent scrutiny and attention. They cannot change Nigeria if they are entangled in petty internal politics, which may be complicated by tribal and workplace politics.

President Buhari if he still has strength and control, should find a solution to this urgently or this will lead to a serious issue for his government. A house against itself cannot succeed.


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