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The Anti-Corruption Research and Data-Based Initiative (ARDI) has scored President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration high in the fight against corruption.

Dennis Aghanya, Executive Secretary of ARDI, gave the present administration the pass mark in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos.

“I will score Mr President very high especially in the fight against corruption. He may not have achieved completely the expectations of everybody, but he has achieved quite above average and that is encouraging,” Aghanya said.

“Fighting corruption is all about the reorientation of our moral and ethical values which requires changing the psychology and the unethical, age-long mindset of the society from bad to good.

The ARDI boss said that fighting corruption could not be achieved overnight.

“First, he is working hard to strengthen the existing anti-corruption agencies so that they can meet up with modern challenges in that sector.

“He even went further to introduce more agencies by constituting the Special Presidential Panel on Recovery of Public Property Act, 1983.

“Then he has gone further to consolidate on his strategies with various Executive Orders. How else would one indicate sincere interest to fight corruption?

“These steps help to lay an enduring foundation in the fight against corruption,” he said.

Aghanya noted that it was the first time Nigeria produced a president who clearly supported the fight against corruption, saying that “fight against corruption’’ is virtually on the lips of all and sundry.

He said the impact of Buhari’s milestone achievements would be felt by Nigerians, urging the president to remain focused in his determination to get the country back on the right path.

“It is usually very easy to destroy, but most difficult to amend. We will get it right because we are now on the right path, but it will certainly take some time,” he said.

(Source: NAN)

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