IPOB Proscription: SE Governors Are Confusionists, IPOB Is Igbo Project -Junaid Mohammed


Dr Junaid Mohammad

For trying to renounce their role in the proscription of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), second republic lawmaker, Junaid Muhammad, has described the Southeast governors as a bunch of confusionists. Muhammad made the remark in response to an alleged declaration by Governor Okiezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, that southeast governors only banned IPOB, without declaring it a terrorist organisation.
It could be recalled that the governor had reportedly disclosed that “my duty and responsibility as at that day was to make sure that I avert bloodshed of monumental proportion. But in an interaction with The Guardian , the second republic lawmaker maintained that “owing to the fact that the southeast governors sat and held a meeting to proscribe the activities of IPOB as a result of their agitation, justified their move to proscribe the activities of the terrorist group, what President Buhari did was only to enact a decision, which had been taken earlier by them.
“But I want to assure you that whether they proscribe it or not, whether they regard IPOB as terrorist, illegal or legal organisation, it remains proscribed and if they play games, they are going to be dealt with by the law. “IPOB is an Igbo project, so don’t confuse yourself, the Igbo are the ones financing it, I don’ t care whether the
southeast governors are not in support of the proscription or not. ”  (The Guardian)


One thought on “IPOB Proscription: SE Governors Are Confusionists, IPOB Is Igbo Project -Junaid Mohammed

  1. Mazi keekeem Ibe says:

    May the Lord God of host infect u with “epilep”,people like u are d ones fanning d war at d background thinking we dont know:Junaid or whatever u ar called,except u stop playing this role u av voluntarily chosen to play in modern day nigeria,but u me,u will go the way of ur mentor HASSAN KATSINA.If u dont know,take it from there ar only two reasons for which the emergence of an independent IGBO REPUBLIC could be delayed:1.if the hausa/fulani/yoruba oligarchy changes course n embrace as well as implement a total restructuring of this snail-speed moving nigeria or,2.if our God in heaven is still interested in teaching us further, lessons we refused to have learnt with ease. Dnt think u n ur cohorts really av any hand in it at all.

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