Dying Mum Left Baby Daughter Birthday, Christmas Gifts To Last 17 Years Before She Died Of Cancer |RN

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Elisa Girotto left her baby daughter presents to last years after she died (Image: Facebook/elisa.girotto.98)© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Elisa Girotto left her baby daughter presents to last years after she died (Image: Facebook/elisa.girotto.98) Elisa Girotto was only able to share one magical Christmas and one precious birthday with her daughter Anna.

The 40-year-old was cruelly robbed seeing her little girl grow up after she lost her breast cancer battle last week.

But before she died, the bank manager made sure baby Anna will have gifts and things to remember her by as she gets older.

Elisa, from Spresiano, northeast Italy, bought Christmas and birthday presents to last her daughter for the next 17 years.

Elisa and Alessio on their wedding day (Image: Facebook @elisa.girotto.98)© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Elisa and Alessio on their wedding day (Image: Facebook @elisa.girotto.98)

The brave mum was diagnosed with breast cancer on the day their daughter was born – August 21 last year.

Elisa married husband Alessio Vincenzotto that month after she was told she did not have long to live.

Mr Vincenzotto told La Repubblica: “Our life started to run on two tracks: joy for the birth of a daughter and a battle against a terrible disease.”

The grieving husband told how Elisa chose books, toys and dolls for Anna’s early years.

For her 13th, her first jewel and a “secret diary” to open on her 14th birthday.

For her special 18th birthday, her mum chose a globe for Anna with pins marking the destinations she recommended visiting.

Credits: Facebook/esserefelicieunaltracosaoriginal© Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Facebook/esserefelicieunaltracosaoriginal

Elisa also recorded messages for each gift and filled two exercise books with pages of motherly guidance for her daughter.

Mr Vincenzotto added: “Elisa ordered them all over the internet. We had to do everything before she left us.”

Elisa didn’t leave her husband out, leaving letters hidden all over their home.

In the last, she asked him to take Anna with him, whatever he was doing, in the hope “she may she follow your example because I trust you.”  (The Mirror)

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