I’m Not Missing, So Stop Looking For Me: A Message To The Zoo Killers Of Innocents – Russell Bluejack

Soldiers-IPOBmembers in Aba1

By Russell Bluejack

I almost fell from my chair due to hysteria caused by the story that I am being looked for. Matter-of-factly, I am still guffawing as I write. Wait a minute, brothers and sisters, so, when we hit them with facts, they resort to intimidation? Is that it? Now, who is looking for this Russell Idatoru Bluejack? Did I rape women, kill farmers, dispossess people of their lands and valuables in the name of nomadic grazing activities? What has this hungry and penurious Russell done to this zoo? Has the zoo security become so idle and crassly bereft of ideas as to look for someone that trots the creeks, streets, roads, and avenues in Biafraland? I expect the security operatives of whatever we call this geographical fabrication to look for those that stole my phone at gunpoint. Yes, the docility and obvious compromise shown by the security to criminal activities make Nigeria the most horrible zoo for mankind. I understand Mazi Nnamdi Kanu better now. Too bad he is still missing. That man told us things we never knew about Nigeria. I miss him the way a lover misses the apple of his heart.

Several people were killed in the East. These victims, all of whom were unarmed and posed no imagined or glaring threat, were victims of their conviction. They were shot at by men of the Nigerian Army, but we have every right to suspect that those invaders were Boko Haramists cloaked in Nigeria military attire. We still smell a rat in the adduced reason for that invasion. First, we were told that it was a training exercise. Next, we were told that the invasion was necessitated by nonexistent unrest in an obviously very peaceful East. Who is deceiving whom? Those looking for the readily available me should be working hard to fish out those unlawful invaders of our lands. I am indigenous to one of the littoral towns in the coastal wing of Biafra. My love and respect for the Igbo man are second to none since I see in them the oft-evasive salvation for the oppressed and downtrodden in this potpourri of discordant cultures, worldviews, and religions called Nigeria. The invasion and consequent apprehension of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by these heinous and destructive invaders stands condemned, nationally and internationally.

Those looking for me should be bold enough to publish my imagined crime and serve me via other means. I will receive it in the creeks and respond appropriately. Of course, no one wants to engage me legally and intellectually. God has made small me unmatchable in those areas. I will continue to speak the truth, not minding whose ox is gored. I am not missing and, ipso facto, not answerable to any law enforcement agency in this oppressive enclave. A place where people get shot at and brutally killed for merely voicing their displeasure at the country is indeed a cage for animals. A place where a prince’s palace gets invaded with the godless intention to silent him for speaking the truth is indeed a zoo too fierce for even the worst beast. Stop looking for me. Start working on Nigeria’s battered international image. I am at a loss as to why the mishandlers of Nigeria’s ailing, receding economy think there will not be repercussions for the killing of innocents in the name of tribe and religion. I do not see those occupants of the five Igbo Government Houses as humans; I see them as beasts in human forms.

But those looking for the available me should tell me why they think intimidation will force us to embrace this spooky unity against our wish. We are not herdsmen who are so hare-brained as to regard their herds of cattle more than they regard humans. We are thinkers, academics, and the enlightened. The South-South and South-East house the most vibrant occupants of Nigeria. We have all the resources that constitute the economic mainstay of Nigeria, all of which have been plundered vide the Land Use Act for years. Yes, for years our natural endowments have been taken without recompense for the landlords. I am guessing that is why some nitwits and conquered nincompoops still crusade about a unity that has ravaged our lands and taken our lives. A unity that is hinged on predatorial activities, vis-a-vis our God-given resources, is demonic. As children of the Most High God, we decided to confront this intractable problem, using the most peaceful tool – national and international agitation. Is that why we are being looked for and killed? Is that a reason why an educated Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s place was invaded and his two cousins killed? Does this dowse or stoke the fire of the agitation?

You are looking for a Russell Idatoru Bluejack that has removed criminals from the streets of Port Harcourt by teaching them and giving them reasons to be educated? You are looking for a Russell that started delivering tutorials to candidates for WASSCE and JAMB at the age of 19? What business does an educated and law-abiding Russell have with security agencies? Stop looking for the wrong people. Shekau, the arrowhead of Boko Haram, is there. Herdsmen rape and invade lands, destroy crops, and even kill innocents. When will you look for these menace to the society? When will you invade these social scourges and prove to the world that Nigeria is not the zoo we all call it? Every time innocents get impugned, Nigeria becomes a horrible zoo. Nigeria has become too dangerous for anything that breathes and thinks. Now that it is pellucid that Nigeria is owned by Hausa/Fulani, is it a crime that others want to go? Yes, Nigeria is the property of Hausa/Fulani because every crime perpetrated by criminals from that region becomes a NORM. Did someone get the message? Those looking for me should note that I, Russell Idatoru Bluejack, am looking for something. I am looking for FREEDOM. Freedoooooooooooom, where are you? We will not stop! In fact, the tempo of our academic activities just received a boost. Tuale to every Biafran, dead and alive! We love God. He is everything to us. Our hope and trust are in God, the Maker of man, the Creator of heaven and earth. We call him Chukwuokikeabiama, Tamuno, Tamara, Nanowei, Abasi, Oghene etc.

Our message has flown and possessed people all over the world. We are whiter than white, fearless, and divinely resolute. All hail Biafra!

[Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker, revolutionary writer, university tutor, and socio-economic and political analyst that fires from the creeks in the coastal part of Biafraland.]

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