Egypt Announces Discovery Of 3,500-Years-Old Tomb In Luxor |RN

(Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA)    © Provided by The Press Association (Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA)

Egypt has announced the discovery in the southern city of Luxor of a pharaonic tomb belonging to a royal goldsmith who lived more than 3,500 years ago during the reign of the 18th dynasty.

The tomb is located on the west bank of the river Nile in a cemetery where noblemen and top government officials are buried.

Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany said the tomb is not in good condition, but it contains a statue of the goldsmith and his wife as well as a funerary mask.

He said a shaft in the tomb contained mummies belonging to ancient Egyptian people who lived during the 21st and 22nd dynasties.

(Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA) © Provided by The Press Association (Nariman El-Mofty/AP/PA)

The tomb was discovered by Egyptian archaeologists and the fanfare surrounding Saturday’s announcement is designed to boost Egypt’s slowly recovering tourism industry.   (Press Association)

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