Why I Now Pray For Buhari, By Agha Egwu |The Republican News



President Muhammadu Buhari


By Agha Egwu

Charlie Boy was tear gassed at the Abuja fountain and he came to his senses. He needed to be rough-handled to come to his senses. In his eyes, he is a very wise man, a leader of the youth except that no youth are following him. That was why he went to the fountain in the company of a few other old men, like Jim Iyke, reliving their Aluta days, and still somehow imagining they are youth leading youth.

Charlie Boy and Jim Iyke are classic Efulefus, like our beloved and most erudite Mbe Nwaniga – highly intelligent people, that unfortunately, are so haughty with their superior brains they think they know better than the masses of their people. It took the humiliating destruction of the Nigeria economy, under Buhari, for them to wake up to their calamitous and intensively foolish support for Buhari.

And that is why I now pray
For Buhari to come back today
So he can continue to prey
On fools that continue to say
One Nigeria.

When we had Goodluck Jonathan and some little modicum of good governance, some little modicum of democracy, some little modicum of infrastructure, we all relaxed like lambs who had forgotten there were wolves in sheep’s clothing seeking to dominate and rule us. They say a nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

Jonathan put us all to sleep. We became the best destination for Foreign investment in Africa, the biggest economy in Africa and the third fastest growing economy in the world. I did not say so. CNN said so. Suddenly we were all walking around with chests puffed out and imagined we were now one of the MINT economies – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey – imagine our swagger. Then Buhari came along, and in just two years, we suddenly remembered the hell in which we were in and started shouting restructure, restructure, restructure… Charlie Boy our Mumu never do.

And that is why I now pray
For Buhari to come back today
So he can continue to prey
On fools that continue to say
We are One!

You see, it takes a big slap on some faces to wake them up to the dangers they are in. Tinubu and his Yoruba people teamed up against poor Jonathan, and most corruptly dubbed him corrupt and clueless, and lied and bullied out the best President we ever had.

Tinubu and his Yoruba Minions suddenly imposed a dinosaur fossil on us as President. It took the total destruction of our economy in only two years, and for Buhari’s military mindset to give Tinubu a double slap in the face, for Tinubu and his Yoruba morons to start singing a discordant tune. Now they mumble ‘Kai Baba’ whilst praying Baba will self-destruct so their son will come to power.

And that is why I now pray
For Buhari to come back today
So he can continue to prey
On fools that continue to say
Nigeria is indivisible.

The great Yoruba nation must forgive me for calling them MORONS, but I am sorry you guys did behave like morons, and you know it in your hearts. Is it the great Yoruba race of Fela Anikulapo Kuti that did us this thing? You handed our nation to Buhari the man that Fela warned you against. Is it the great Yoruba nation of Tai Solarin, Gani Fawehinmi, Segun Okeowo, warriors for freedom, that allowed a drug baron that raped Lagos State to lead us and them to perfidy? You now want Osinbajo to come to power, but Osinbajo is a very dangerous guy for Nigeria right now and I will explain why.

Osinbajo may be more dangerous than Jonathan. He is dangerous because he has the capacity to once again put us to sleep. He can make us believe that the wolves we see in our midst, that have removed their sheep’s clothing, with fangs and claws bared, are indeed SHEEP in wolves clothing.

And that is why I now pray
For Buhari to come back today
So he can continue to prey
On fools that continue to say
We are free.

Instead of 95% to 5%, Osinbajo may talk of universal brotherhood. Instead of appointing a Northerner or Muslim to every Police Commissioner and Security Chief post, he may succeed in creating more Federal Character. He may visit the South East and South South and persuade us to restructure and forget referendum. Instead of jailing our freedom fighters, he might, like Yaradua, invite them to Aso Rock, bribe them with dollars and dignity and disgrace them out of their agitation profession.

We need Buhari with his military mindset and dictatorial despotism, to constantly remind us of the hunters in our midst, the naked wolves we see today so that we can have the determination to break away. We do not want the bitter pill of Nigeria coated in sweet chocolate. We need it raw, naked, undiluted.

And that is why I now pray
For Buhari to come back today
So he can continue to prey
On fools that continue to say
Oil and Water can mix.

And from the catastrophic cacophony that is Nigeria, the discordant notes of elders like Ohaneze and Edwin Clark and treacherous Governors that turned the other cheek, and called their people miscreants, whilst they were massacred – came a lone Voice. A lone Voice on the Radio that talked of courage; a lone voice that called thieves, thieves and a spade, a spade. A lone Voice that called the wolves, wolves and stripped them of their sheep’s clothing, baring them naked, with all their ugly warts, to the world.

And with one voice the people rose and found their voice and courage. And when the Voice was clamped in prison to silence it, the people raised their voices to heaven and chanted the ululation of the bereaved. With a curse, the moron with the military mindset was locked in the prison of his own body, as if by divine intention, till the Voice was released from his prison to the jubilation of his people. Such things only happen in biblical stories.

So, the people rose without fear, to do their battle for freedom, without guns, without violence, just the stout heart of those who know their cause is just and victory is certain.

And the Voice became flesh and dwelt amongst us, a frail, strangely defenceless, lonely figure, that gave his soul, spirit and body to the people. And the wolves and the elders called the Voice hate speech because he spoke the truth and called them what they were. They were not used to the truth. They were used to sycophancy, of being lied to by obsequious slaves, suffering and smiling for the crumbs from the tables of the pigs of Animal Farm.

In their iniquity, truth becomes hate and light become darkness. In their vainglorious nature, they imagined themselves light and truth, but when light and truth came, it was hate, the real hate and jealousy, that spewed from their hearts and lips.

As the wolves hungered for war and violence, they blamed the Voice for the violence they perpetrated and accused him of starting the war that they started.

The military mindset of the war-mongering wolves could not understand that although the Voice violently violates the vermins of violence, the man behind the Voice, was a dove of peace. Like the Biblical prophets of old, he speaks truth to power and lays curses on the agents of perfidy in high places. In their hypocrisy, they call it hate speech but they are the true masters of hate and propaganda. As the Voice calls for a referendum, the northern wolves chant the dirges of war and genocide. But the Voice merely smiles sadly, and raises his hands to the glory and ovation of his people, for freedom is sure and Biafra is assured.

The Efulefus and Elders of the South East may mock, but it is through the agitation of that Voice that you will gain your freedom to trade and industrialise and build a new modern nation. And the Edwin Clarks and people of the South South may resist, but it is through the agitation of that Voice, that they will gain 100% resource control. And although the South West may sneer in disdain, it is through the agitation of that Voice that you will gain Oduduwa.

But without the obsessive, moronic, military mindset there could have been no Voice.

Thank God for Buhari.

And that is why we should pray for Buhari
In his confusion we find strength
In the injuries he causes, we find health
In the poverty he wishes, we find wealth
In his suffocation, we take breath
Through his prison
We shall gain freedom.

And that is why I now pray
For Buhari to come back today
So he can continue to prey
On fools that continue to say
Like G.O.W.O.N.
The General of Genocide
Go On With One Nigeria.

Thank you the Voice
Thank you, Nnamdi Kanu.
Thank you for trudging the hard path
Of nonviolent civil resistance;
The well-worn path
Of Gandhi,
Of Martin Luther King,
Of Mandela,
They were victorious,
And so shall we be.


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