European Man Feeds His Pet Python With African Prostitutes After Sex With Them |RN

By Ike A. Offor
Some news is so nauseating that one wonders if it actually took place. What you are about to read now may seem outlandish, inauthentic but believe it, it all happened.
I felt very reluctant to write this in the first place, which is why it took me time to put it down.
A European man who resides in Zambia has taken human wickedness to a new level depending how much sad stories you have heard or witnessed in your own lifetime.
Some may have heard about African prostitutes being grossly abused in Italy, by both African sex workers’ traffickers and their hardcore Italian brutal customers, who after sex strangle them or brutalise them in order not to pay for the services rendered to them.
The European, whose country of origin was not released to the public has an unquenchable urge for sex with African ladies that he moved down to Africa and lives among Africans in Zambia.
Allegedly, he sometimes calls his sex customers who will come to his service, but none of them makes it out of his house for strange reasons to the chagrin of his neighbours.
He also goes out to pick some ladies on the street or wherever he could find willing sex workers of his preference. One presumes he goes for cutest and the beautiful ones and perhaps very young ones for his insatiable sexual appetite.
He sometimes engages in a threesome and other forms of sexual pleasures and promises a huge reward to his clients, who incentives for such job is merely financial and would not hesitate to succumb to such mouth-watering rewards.
Once he is done with the call girls and feels that he has extracted enough sexual pleasure as he wishes, he locks them up in his pet python enclosure, where they are helplessly left to die whenever the pet is ready to feed on his unwilling prey. He obviously does this when he knows it is the feeding time for his giant Burmese python.
Presumably, these girls must have been drugged to prevent them from screaming for help, which would obviously alert the neighbours and implicate him.
Africans, though they live with tropical jungles around them and get on with wild animals of all sorts, are known to be extremely afraid of snakes, dogs and others animals found within the teeming jungles of Africa.

Giant Burmese python

From pictures shown about the size of his python, it is very obvious that his Burmese giant python has been feeding largely on these African sex workers for a very long time before he was caught via information from his neighbours.
Curiosity got the best of his neighbours in a classical fashion of animal kingdom fairy tale, where a tortoise saw that many footprints of animals entered a lion’s cave but none left. Which gave the tortoise the premonition that something is not right.
So, the same thing happened with the neighbours of this man. His neighbours out of sheer curiosity and careful observation saw that many girls went into their neighbour’s house over a long period of time, but they could hardly recall seeing anyone of them leave.
So, they alerted the Zambian police authority. The police after series of investigations secured a search warrant and entered the premises of his house and met some shocking revelations. They found a giant Burmese python in its private enclosure and further evidence that warranted the arrest of the man.
It is said that every day is the day of the thief but one day is the day of the owner, on which he will be captured and faces the thumping sound of justice.

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  1. S.toure says:

    News journalism is not supposed to be so opinionated. If we had more facts and better investigative reporting the story would be MORE believable.

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