Just In: Biafran USA Delegate Meets White House Officials, Secure Certificates, Support For Referendum (Video)

By Ike A. Offor

The IPOB leaders and friends in the United States in the company of their two attorneys met with White House Officials today, 21st July 2017 and made a case for referendum towards the third quarter of this year.

The Biafran delegate was issued with a certificate and given a date for a referendum, according to their report from the group’s delegate.

The meeting was not much publicised to avoid being infiltrated by the agents who IPOB delegates regard as enemies from the Nigerian government or APC distractors in the United States.

The actual meeting was not filmed, as that is wholly against the rules of the White House security protocols and was not covered widely by the press

The issues raised in the meeting were the referendum and the scheduled date for the referendum. Their government support for Biafra and their struggle for independence.

According to one of the delegates, Miss Candy Stallworth, who is an American but one of the IPOB leaders, the date for the Biafran referendum is scheduled for 12th of September 2017.

Though, this date seemed very close and apparently not much preparation has been made for the actual referendum, one wonders how feasible this date is.

In a phone call by The Republican News with one of the delegates, who would not want to be mentioned, he said that the United States actually supports Biafra and the need for a referendum. ‘They are really in affirmative and in good thought about Biafra’, he said.

He also said: ‘President Donald Trump has his options very wide open about Biafra and he has been following the issue with keen interest’. Also,  the time is coming when the entire United States government will make a public statement about Biafra and he is sure it is going to be shocking to the enemies’.

He also said that President Trump and America are not against Biafra and asked Biafrans to keep to keep their hope alive and strong. The delegate said that the time is coming when the whole government will turn around and give total support for Biafra, and that includes the government of other countries.

The vague thing here is whether the September 12th date for the referendum is for an actual referendum or scheduled date for the United States to make a public statement about Biafra referendum.

Obviously, if these are true and real, the Nigerian government may have picked up some bits of information on the reality and the authenticity of the probable upcoming announcement and the date for a referendum. So, why is the APC-led government not doing anything to address the issue or is the government aware that Biafra will finally come and has given up hope about it. Perhaps, the government do not regard it as serious the issue about Biafra.



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