Nigerian Wife Scams Stingy Womanizing Husband Disguising As A Woman In Facebook Scam


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by Bomba Dauda
It seems like a drama – it is not. It is a real life story involving a husband and his wife. This was, before now one of the most doubted scenes that residents of Jan Ruwa, a suburb in Kaduna had never imagined it can happen in their community but, Facebook has given criminal minded people something to cheer for and carry out their dubious act just as Rahila Joy Zamani, the wife of the victim, Daniel Sheyin Zamani, swindled her husband of 12 years N1.2million when she used a fake Facebook account with the name, Magdalene Mayer, works with SHELL and lives in Port-Harcourt and sent a friend request to her legitimate husband and he accepted.
After her husband accepted her request, she sent an appreciation note to his inbox and he responded and from there the ball was set rolling. According to Rahila, she started planning to swindle her husband when she became frustrated over his mean and stingy attitude to her and their three children. She further stated that her husband is a womaniser and he hardly gives money for the upkeep of the family. The worst of the issues occurred when he refused to pay the school fee of their daughter and travelled with a lady for a wedding in Jos within the same period.
When narrating her ordeal, Rahila told my source that she used a handkerchief to cover her handset mouthpiece, which made it very difficult for her husband to decipher her voice. She again told my source that when she realised her husband had money, she will quickly go to her pseudo facebook account and request for money and he will quickly send the money through bank transfer.
She confessed of collecting N200, 000 thrice since they began dating each other on Facebook. However, the final stroke that broke the camel’s back was when he invited her to come to Kaduna, she gave him the nod and requested for money to purchase her flight ticket, though, she insisted that they should meet in Abuja that she had not been to Kaduna and that Kaduna was full of insecurity challenges. He agreed and she demanded that he should send her money so that she will book for hotel accommodation for the duo because she wouldn’t want to be stranded waiting for him before he arrives Abuja.
He did transfer an additional N100, 000 for their hotel accommodation. Rahila said she left a day before the appointed day, went to a hotel and paid for a room and sent him the hotel details.
When he arrived he went straight to the reception and made inquiries, the receptionist called her to confirm if she was expecting someone by the name, Zamani, and she said they should allow him to come. Having reached the room he knocked and she opened the room. On sighting his wife and his sister, he quibbled and said she must pay him all the monies she received from him. He drove out of the hotel alone and when she came back to Kaduna he had already reported the case to the police and when the police were unable to reconcile them they were taken to court.

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