Quit Notice: Igbo Diaspora Group To Petition ICC Over Arewa Youths



By Zika Bobby

Miffed by the quit notice issued by the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum to Igbo residing in the northern part of Nigeria, the Igbo World Assembly, (IWA) has said it would liaise with appropriate agencies to file a petition to the International Criminal Court, (ICC) to prevent genocide and bring culprits to book.

In a statement jointly signed by Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze, President, United States’ chapter and Chief Oliver Nwankwor, Secretary General, Netherlands’ chapter respectively, the group noted that those inciting violence by giving fellow citizens quit notice should be held accountable for any incident that might occur within the timeline of the notice.

As a way of handling the threat holistically, IWA said mechanism is in motion to enable Ndigbo residing in the North to report cases of threats, adding that such would be used as pieces of evidence in support of the ICC petition at The Hague. 

Calling for a return to fiscal federalism as contained in the 1963 Constitution as a way forward to save the country from collapse, the group noted that this would enable each region to be responsible for the development and management of resources from their region. “This would foster industrial development and competition among regions instead of the current docile nature of a majority of States as presently constituted.

“Nigeria needs to implement the National confab report, which recommended equity in state creation within the geo-political zones,” the group said, noting that the quit notice declaration was made by a sponsored group with primary intent to steal and suppress the legitimate grievances of others and their inherent right to self-determination.

“The continued agitation of Igbo youths across the country, according to IWA is a by-product of persistent injustice and marginalisation arising from bad leadership and unjust structure of the country’s polity.

The group said a Nigeria of equal ownership is the only way forward to save the situation.

As a way of maintaining sanity in the system, IWA in its recommendation warned that Nigerians across the nation should exercise restraint at this point in time so as not to overheat the polity.

Urging Igbo residing in the North to go about their lawfully business, the group called on security agencies to act accordingly to ensure that there is no intimidation, hindrance or molestation.

It urged the Nigerian government and the International Community to setup mechanism to conduct a referendum in each state and the various geopolitical zones for the people to decide a way forward. It called on the government to work with Ohanaeze and other Igbo groups in the North to help document Igbo properties. (The Sun)

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