If Biafra Is Dead On Arrival, Why Worry, If Not Attainable, Why Shoot The Youths-Annkio Briggs


Annkio Briggs

IPOB this, Kanu that! BIAFRA this, Biafra that! Igbo people leave Lagos! Igbo people leave North of Nigeria!
Amongst all of these negative predictions against the Igbos from home and abroad all they have been saying for decades is their desire to leave a country that killed and starved them and their children to death, including other ethnic nationalities of the former Eastern region.
Their billions and millions and investment were taken from them in 1970 after the war of Nigeria against them, the Igbos and a few other none Igbos of the former Eastern region were given a paltry £20 per family.
Our question as the interested party is this:
If the call by IPOB as led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for Biafra is not attainable, why shoot the Igbo youths?
If Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not the voice of Igbo people as claimed by the VP/Coordinator/Acting President pray tell Igbo nation and other interested parties who then is the voice of the Igbo people?
If one young, quiet humble, but strong 46 years old man is not the voice of the Igbo people explain how Igbos in Nigeria heard his voice, obeyed his voice and shut down their businesses and stayed at home.?
While the FG is choosing the voices of the 375 ethnic nationalities, it should please publish the names of the 375 people that speak for each ethnic nationalities, starting with whose voice you the VP represent?
Not FG as FG is not an Ethnic Nationality or is it?
Annkio Briggs for Delta Self-Determination Movement

9 thoughts on “If Biafra Is Dead On Arrival, Why Worry, If Not Attainable, Why Shoot The Youths-Annkio Briggs

  1. Please osibanjo should agree to the northern youth that said for biafra referendum, meeting south east governors and northern governors to resolve issue in other to stay in one nigeria cannot work, we cannot sing the lord song in a strange land in evil country called Nigeria, biafra have choose nnamdi kanu as there leader likewise arewa youth have dears, let he who have ears, let him hear and he who have eyes let him see and he who need freedom let him have his freedom, one Nigeria my footh

  2. pascal says:

    In all the opinions and articles i kept reading online about Biafra, especially against the quest for the restoration of soverign state of Biafra. I have not seen anyone address the main issues fueling the agitation. For instance, how to put a permanent stop to the unprovoked killings, maimings, subjugation and destruction of Biafran lives, properties,churches and businesses by Islamic fundamentalists in the other parts of Nigeria and Biafra land respectively. No one amongst the projectors of one Nigeria has risen to unapologetically condemn these carnage against a particular group of people in the Nigeria project and subsequently canvass for a stop to it. Until these issues are addressed, Biafra and Biafrans will continue to torment the Lugardian empire today called Nigeria till independence is achieved. It doesnt matter how many of the agitators Nigeria army and their police counterpants kill and inprison. But this came close enough.

  3. Sir Chuks says:

    Playing the ostrich and pick and choice the evil cohorts are evil a capital waste of time which will yield no results. Biafran referendum and Biafran freedom the only medication for Nigerian survival any other thing outside those are uncivilized recycling the old warnout backwardness.

  4. Nasty says:

    Before all these(I mean before the civil war in the 60’s) The North with there religion & allies have been enslaving, killing, humiliating, marginalizing, subjugating & defrauding Igbos & many other ethnic groups & tribes round Igbos & yet the world seem to be blind over all these inhuman act just for the sake of oil, oil funds n oil blocks from Biafraland. (Over 2million igbos masacared in the 60’s
    Plus over a million since the war ended)
    “OFOR NA OGU” ka anyi jideelu onye obuna aka ya di na these whole inhuman act.

  5. Okwudili says:

    God plz give us biafra b4 i will join my ancestors they have secceded in puting division among us

    • Vitusquoque says:

      The only way to Nigeria now,Is to Let Biafrans Go.Igbos Have Been Enslaved to this Wicked Country Called Nigeria.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The reason why Nigeria doesn’t want Biafra to go is because of the oil in their region. They know that they cannot run their bogus economy without the oil money. Another reason is because Britain is a big beneficiary of the oil money through their internal colonialists agents.
    The very day the British decides Biafra will go, everything will work out fastly.
    But God has the final say anyway.

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